Which one is better, Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro or Air Purifier Pro H

Whether Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro or Pro H is better depends on your choice. Both Air Purifier Pro or Pro H models are successful, efficient and low cost products.

Air Purifier Pro or Pro H have unique differences

At first glance, new air purifier pro H model has increased capacity and coverage. To the internal fan, and the air purifier Pro H is redesigned into a tower air path, and then relying on a large-sized centrifugal fan to bring in more airflow, so the air purification cycle of the whole house can be realized more quickly.

The air purifier pro H model has a clean air delivery rate (CADR) value of 600 cubic metres an hour, compared to the 500 cubic metres an hour on the air purifier pro model.

The air purifier pro H model touting a laser particle sensor for more accurate detection of air quality, but both model are capable of spotting particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter.

The filter element is one of the most differentiating factors. The Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro H uses H13 high-efficiency HEPA filter material, which not only has a longer life span but also can remove formaldehyde, toluene, and other harmful substances besides filtering 0.3μm particles. Gas can also be removed. Although the former Mijia Air Purifier Pro can remove some formaldehyde, there is no data identification for the purification ability of formaldehyde toluene.

The size of the Purifier Pro is 260mm*260mm*735mm. After the upgrade, the Pro Air Purifier Pro H has grown to 310mm*310mm*738mm, and the weight has grown from 7.8kg to 9.6kg.

Both model are designed with a circular OLED display, which can display the value of PM2.5, air temperature, air humidity, and the working model of the purifier in real-time.

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