One billion dollars, or one penny doubled for each square on a chess?

Easily take the one billion dollars. The pennies doubled on a chessboard would eventually turn out to a total of $184,467,440,737,095,000.00, or 184 Quadrillion, 467 Trillion, 440 Billion, 737 Million and 95 thousand dollars.

Great! You might say, that’s a lot more than one billion dollars, but hold your horses. The total amount of money in the entire world right now (including unrealised investments, cryptocurrencies etc) is estimated as around $1.3 quadrillion.

What do you think happens when you suddenly introduce 184 times that into the economy? You crash the entire world economy of course. The value of currencies will fall through the floor, people won’t be able to afford food, and when that happens, people get a bit, y’know, miffed at the people responsible.

One billion dollars
The Richest man in the World

And that’s not your only problem. You got that amount in pennies, not cash in the bank. There are 363,000 pennies in a ton, so what you have actually been handed is well over 500 Billion tons of pennies.

To put this in perspective, the Great Wall of China weighs around 60 million tons, so that is around 8,333 Great Walls of China worth of metal that is about to get dumped on your front porch, or if you prefer your net worth to be weighed in units of natural wonders instead of man made ones, that would be 3 Mount Everests.

That amount of material dumped in one place at once, I wouldn’t be surprised if it caused massive earthquakes, weather events, or god knows what else, never mind worrying about how you are actually going to turn the 8th wonder of the world you’ve just received into usable cash.

Take the one billion dollars on the other hand, and you can comfortably live the rest of your life in luxury. Sometimes, too much is just too much.