Hate JK Rowling Becoming Issue, Why Now?

There are a few reasons why people suddenly hate Jk Rowling. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ is okay or even understandable. In this article, I am going to deliver an impassioned defense of J.K. Rowling.

1- People may hate Jk Rowling because Dumbledore is homosexual

Why does everyone seem to hate JK Rowling all of a sudden?

To some fans, it just seemed that it came out of left field. It’s just too random for some fans to accept that she truly always imagined this. But she did. To her, Dumbledore has always been gay. She said so, at least.

Whether one believes her or not is another matter entirely. But if they don’t believe Rowling, that’s not her problem, it’s theirs.

You can almost get implications from Book 7 concerning the matter. There are also few implications in Book 6.

2) Ron/Hermione Regret is another reason why followers dislike jk Rowling

Why does everyone seem to hate JK Rowling all of a sudden?

Apparently, Rowling regrets her own ending. Surely, that is enough to criticize her. If you can’t follow your own story and start revising it and decanonizing your own books, there’s nothing left to respect you for.

Fortunately, all of this is unwarranted. Some people are under the mistaken impression that Rowling regrets the relationship. Alas, she does not. See, the truth of the matter is that Wonderland Magazine, the one that first reported this madness, lied to you. They misrepresented the truth badly.

The context of this is Rowling being asked by Emma Watson why she paired them, and Rowling answered really openly and honestly, explaining that it was wish fulfillment. Big deal! I didn’t take the interview the same way others did, because people need to learn to take things in context instead of short sound bites and tiny opinionated articles. Educate yourselves.

As a writer, I can say this for sure: Authors partake in wish fulfillment all the time. It’s- funnily enough- part of being a writer. ESPECIALLY in the fantasy genre. If readers can’t understand that, they should consider staying away from the fantasy genre. It’s safer that way.

3) People do not like Rowling due to political opinions

Why does everyone seem to hate JK Rowling all of a sudden?

still have trouble understanding why her making her political views known is somehow wrong. What law is there that forbid public figures from having political opinions? And her books are so clearly against puritan views, so what’s the issue with her comparing Nazis to Death Eaters? It’s because the readers- well, some of them at least- just liked the nice story and the appealing magic but the meaning didn’t occur to them.

And the next one is even worse, it shows how people took these things.

Why does everyone seem to hate JK Rowling all of a sudden?

But I guarantee you this: If Rowling had defended Trump, it would be his supporters defending her and his haters attacking her.

It’s simple: Rowling is forbidden from having political opinions because it might hurt some people’s feelings and opposition to dear leader is just too much. 

They should really consider leaving to North Korea and living there and leaving us free people in free countries alone. 

Honestly, I can say what I like. But I guess for some, it’s just too much. Or maybe the US is changing and people don’t like the first amendment anymore. But it’s okay. As said, they’ll get over it. It’s part of growing up. They’ll learn to like the first amendment when they’re the ones out of power.

4) People hate JK Rowling because Hermione is black

4) Jk Rowling is hated because Hermione is black

Supposedly, Rowling canonized Hermione being black. Actually, what happened was they cast a black person as a white person and racially sensitive people got highly offended and cried about it on Twitter. Rowling responded by testily saying Hermione was never canonized as white. Taken at face value, it seems an endorsement of the idea that Hermione is truly black.

Let’s look at the bigger picture, shall we? All it is, is a black person playing a white character. Even more, there are records of women playing Peter Pan and boys being voice actors of female girl characters. Doesn’t change the character’s gender or ethnicity, just means the actor is a different race/gender to the character. Big whoop. There will be other adaptations of Cursed Child, and future actors and some may be white- heck one day might see a Muslim actress of Hermione and I’ll legitimately enjoy the reactions if that ever happens. Hermione isn’t black, the actress is. People are diverse in this world and their ethnicity should be no reason to bar them from doing or being certain things. Get over it.

5) Cursed Child explain some fans dissatisfaction

Cursed Child is one the reason

This is the one reason people can legitimately hate Jk Rowling. I don’t think it quite turns to hate. Only people who really hate her are those who took issue with some of the above points too, especially the political ones, but this really raises some legit questions. It definitely brings the pairing regret issue to light once more. One may be able to justify the wish fulfillment. I know I can. But you cannot justify the sudden changes and ridiculous revelations in this piece of- dog manure- for lack of better term.

Time travel going beyond not only five hours but several years, a blatant attempt to satisfy every Fan Fiction reader/writer out there, (Scorpius/Rose, Scorpius/Albus, Albus being Slytherin, Time travel to Marauder era, Voldemort’s child, basically rehashed plot lines- this play has EVERY popular fan fiction idea out there.)

And that’s ignoring the whole trolley witch fiasco. A cyborg robot who claims the train hates students getting off it? Okay- I dunno WHAT the hell the writer was smoking at the time, but it was definitely something illegal (either that, or it should be.)

This play has aspects Rowling herself denied the possibility of. Voldemort is incapable of having a child, you cannot go back in time more than five hours because if you could, she claimed on Pottermore, ‘where is the story?’ Where indeed? I guess she got sick and tired of her own series, she wanted to kill it. I’ve heard some people even try and defend this by insisting that the whole story is about why we shouldn’t go back in time.

The defense is so absurd to me, I don’t understand. For one thing, realistically, not everyone learns this. What’s to stop another random person from going back and changing the past? Did everyone in the world learn the same lesson for all time? How very conveinent! So convenient, in fact, I call shenanigans that everything just supposedly worked out in what is clearly a fabricated way.

Not to mention in this world, time travel doesn’t exist and until it does, the moral lesson of why we shouldn’t go back in time is moot. I’m never, ever going to go back in time to even need this lesson. In her defense, it’s more written by Jack Thorne. She DID endorse it and canonize it though.

There’s also Fantastic Beasts which some hate but at least that is far more her style. And I personally loved the movie.

Thankfully, it isn’t widespread. Just some petulant little children hating oppositional political opinions, closet racists who can’t sand a black woman playing a white woman, and mostly misunderstandings of interviews. The latter is mostly the case but for some people, the first two reasons are definitely something to consider.

It doesn’t extend to hate, but it’s George Lucas all over again. It’s not unusual for fans to turn against the creator of their fandom. Though admittedly, with Star Wars, it’s exaggerated to such a crazy extent, it’s driven many a fan to dislike the whole series in general. They loved it so much, they hated it. Fandoms are weird. What’re you gonna do?

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There are a few reasons why people suddenly hate Jk Rowling. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ is okay or even understandable. In this article, I am going to deliver an impassioned defense of J.K. Rowling.