Why is Japan Holding Back as the World Rushes Towards Electric Cars?

Japan has a problem. They are a geographically tiny couple of islands with a huge, high tech population.

With virtually no coal, oil or natural gas reserves and no huge acreages of land for wind or solar – they’re in trouble. With that density of energy use – pollution gets unbearably dense. Nuclear energy was a great solution – but the Fukushima disaster has soured the population on that solution too.

So they need to import energy – and one way to do that is hydrogen. They can buy it in bulk from Australia – who make it with coal…not good. But from the Japanese perspective, this is a reasonable solution.

They’re exporting their pollution to Australia – who seem oddly happy to accept it.

Therefore hydrogen powered cars are what the Japanese see as their solution – and the government subsidizes them to an insane degree.

The Toyota Mirai sells for about $45k – but Toyota make a loss of about $70k on every one they make.