Why does time sometimes move very fast and sometimes very slow?

Sometimes we cannot understand how time passes, and sometimes even seconds do not pass. What is the reason for the difference in our perceptions? Let’s try to explain simply.

Our time experience is flexible; in some cases, it flows fast, in others it slows down. There are even some states of consciousness that seem to slow down to an extraordinary degree. Especially, people who uses psychedelic medicine or in traumatic situations may state that time is stopped. The underlying reason simply for these is the way we experience time, which is like the experience of “real warmth and felt warmth”.

It is about your routine

We frequently encounter the illusion that time passes quickly in our routines. Humans perceive that time passes very quickly while doing things they know or are familiar. We feel that time slows down when we are exposed to new environments and experiences. For example, if you are going somewhere for the first time, the way to go will be long. But you feel that the return way will be shorter. This is because the way to go is out of routine for you, and the brain processes a lot of information to routine it. So, the way back becomes routine for you.

Time and Our Experience

The relationship between our experience of time and the amount of information in our minds (including perceptions, emotions, and thoughts) also shapes our perception. This partly explains why time passes so slowly during childhood and begins to accelerate as we age. The world for children is a place full of new experiences and fresh sensations. For an adult, it constantly processes the information it receives from its environment because most things are new to a child.

As we get older, we have less and less new experiences and the world around us becomes more and more familiar, that is, in our mind becomes routine. It makes us think that the days pass one after the other faster and that we are getting older more and more rapidly. In fact, this error is entirely due to the frequency of our minds processing information.

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