Rolex 28, Why The Date in All Ads?

You are familiar with the time of 10:10 in clock ads. There is a similar situation in Rolex that use the number of “28”. As is known, hours in advertisements usually show 10:10. The aim of this is to leave a positive effect on the customer with an aesthetic appearance like a smiling face. Besides this, the date window always shows 28 in the Rolex advertisements. Some other watch brands have also been found to use the number, but for Rolex, this is a matter of principle.

Rolex 28

Rolex showcases the number in the date window for following reasons:

The number of 28 fills up the space perfectly

Why Date Window Always Displays 28 in Rolex Ads?

“28” is the number that best covers the date window, that is, it makes a strong impression. Even though numbers 1 to 9 are made slightly wider, there is some empty space on their left and right. All numbers with a 1 also have the same issue (10 to 19, 21). In summary, there is aesthetic concern.

The number 8 is similar to the symbol of infinity

Rolex 28

Another view is that 8 is the symbol of infinity. Thus, the message is given that rolex is a strong well-rooted brand and defies time.

Rolex 28 refer to each month has a 28th day

The number of “28” is a good candidate because each month including February has a 28th day. There are also suggestions that Rolex prefer the number due to the fact that  the lunar cycle is 28 days.

Rolex 28 Deep Religious Connections

rolex watch ads

There are some blogs that link 28 to Christianity and Judaism. Accordingly, the multiple of 7, which is considered sacred in both religions, is shown as the reason.

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