Why Do Astronauts Wear Different Colored Space Suits?

Have you ever wondered why do astronauts wear different space suits? You may probably notice that sometimes astronauts have white space suits while sometimes they wear blue or orange colored suits. Based on comprehensive tests and experiments, certain colors were selected by NASA for astronauts.

Orange space suits used when space shuttle ascending or entering space

Astronauts are used to wear orange-colored suits namely, Advanced Crew Escape Suit (ACES), while the spaceship is ascending or entering space.

Orange is selected because this peculiar color is recognized as safety color through all over the world. Orange is also highly visible on any kind of landscape, sea.

ACES wears are designed to help astronauts escape from any accidents while taking-off or landing of a space craft. These space suits are equipped with special features.

For example, the suit has a life raft which gets inflated by air when touched with water. The ACES has radio sets, strobe lights, flare kits and mittens, motion sickness pills. In addition to these, orange suits also are equipped with parachute ripcord and a knife to cut the parachute chords, if the astronaut gets stuck.

Famous white colored suits used for spacewalking

White suits, namely Extravehicular Activity (EVA) suits are utilized while spacewalking. The suits are easy to be recognized in dark background of space

EVAs reflect the heat of the sun thus preventing the suits from getting too hot.

The suits also have temperature control system, which recycles body sweat to keep the astronaut cool in harsh conditions.

White suits are equipped with heaters located in the glove part of the suit which prevents it from getting too cold.

When astronauts wear EVA suits, they are able to use built-in drinking system, utilize high supply of oxygen, battery power and radio. They are also protected by small pieces of space materials by tough shell of EVA suits.

Blue suits are for PR activities and training

The classic blue colored space uniform is used by astronauts for PR activities such as a TV show, conference. Blue overalls are also worn for educational purposes and training such as T-38 flights.

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