Which Makeup Order Is Best & Right?

Most things in life have a natural order to them. Love, marriage, and a baby in a carriage are all things that come to mind. High school, college, and (if you’re lucky) a career are all options. It is also valid for your makeup order. However, applying various cosmetics, are a little more difficult.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do: Do you want to put on lipstick or concentrate on your eyes? What role does blush play? Is it possible to use eyeliner after mascara? Naturally, not everyone will follow all of the stages, but even if you omit the powder or the cheeks, this is still a good working order to follow!

Makeup in the Right Order
Right Makeup Order

1: Primer or Moisturizer is the first in makeup order

Choose one, not both. Moisturizer, no matter how light in texture, will interfere with the function of a primer. Also, always remember to get in your sunscreen, whether SPF is built into your primer, moisturizer, or foundation.

2: Foundation

Doing the eyes first to avoid fallout, because fallout is inevitable when applying eye shadow. When the substance comes into contact with bare skin, the pigment might be much more difficult to remove. It’s preferable to start with a blank canvas and then fill in any gaps with the foundation.

Collection of make up and cosmetic beauty products arranged
make up and cosmetic bag

3: Concealer

Here’s when you take a close look at your face and apply concealer sparingly. You should wait until after the foundation is applied since the foundation will take care of a lot of the work.

4: Powder

Set it all with a very light dusting of translucent powder. This will help make it easier to remove fallout from eye shadow and give the base time to settle in while you apply the rest of your makeup.

5: Eyes or lips

You should do the eyes first after the face, but you may also start with the lips since it gives you time to think about what you want to do with the eyes.

For Eyes: shadow – liner then mascara. 

For Lips: balm – liner – lipstick – then gloss.

6: Cheeks is last step of the makeup order

For two reasons, the cheeks last. One, it connects the eyes and mouth. Two, if you’re using powder, you may brush it across the lids after you’ve finished your eye makeup to add a pop of color.

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