Which animal sound would surprise most people?

Some animal sound can surprise many people. These is because animals generally do not make noises or people do not always encounter such animals. Here a list of strange animal sound.

1. Animal Sound, The Elk

Without a doubt, that award can go to the elk. If you didn’t know anything about elk, you’d probably assume they didn’t make much noises, if at all. I mean look at it – probably just makes the occasional low grunt or snort, right?

animal sound would surprise most people

When bull elk are trying to attract the females, what do they do? You should watch following video. Why, they scream like a Nazgûl, of course. Or, if you prefer, Monster-X.

The secret to this bizarre noise is actually pretty cool. The bugle itself is the combination of a low-pitched roar and a high-pitched whistle, which come together to form the actual bugle. For a large mammal, elks’ vocal chops are astonishingly proficient.

2. Animal Sound, Owl

When you think of owl sounds, you might imagine a pleasant hooting. Well, that may be true of some species, but the call of the barn owl sounds like it’s summoning a demon from the depths of hell: For such a cute animal, that’s a pretty surprising sound. I certainly wouldn’t want to hear it on a dark night.

3. Lyrebird calls are a good candidate.

There’s a tropical bird whose name I can’t remember—one of the lyrebirds or birds of paradise maybe—that hangs upside down on a branch, fans out its dark feathers, and makes an eerie, pulsating, electronic-sounding call like nothing on earth. It would give you the heebie-jeebies if you were walking through the forest, heard that, and didn’t know what it was. You’d think a UFO was landing nearby. It was in one of David Attenboroughs natural history shows.

European vixen is one the strange animal sound

The European vixen (i.e. female fox) calling for a mate, which sounds astonishingly like a woman screaming for help. The first time I heard it, I only realised that I didn’t need to call the police when Iooked out of the window and saw a fox, out in the road, yowling.

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