Which actresses regretted their obscure career in adult films?

  1. Bree Olson, former p*rn actress, to The Observer: “P*rn is easy money. But I’m going to live with people’s judgment forever.”
Bree Olson

Between 2006 and 2011, American Bree Olson starred in more than 280 p*rn*graphic films.

She is one of the most profitable actresses in this market, accumulating about 5 million dollars.

Due to the situations of prejudice that she was experiencing, she decided to abandon her p*rn career in 2011.

“I left because I wanted people to respect me. Respect became more important than money,” Olson said in an interview.

2. Traci Lords is the only porn star that I recall who successfully converted to “main stream” conventional acting.

Traci Lords – Wikipedia

Her cut over from porn was long, long ago in the 1980’s and early nineties. The process may have been aided by the fact that Ms. Lords used a false birth certificate to disguise the fact that she was under-aged at the time she made the pornographic films.

Because of her age, Ms. Lords’s early films (the porn) became classified as child pornography. Those owning the porn film rights were prosecuted and all copies of the films were destroyed. Some other “cross over stardom” instances may have occurred since I quit paying attention.

PACIFIC PALISADES, CA – JULY 15: Actress Traci Lords July 15, 2017 in Pacific Palisades, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

I believe that the porn film industry, as such, pretty much died as internet-based pornography became popular. Internet porn carries no risk of your minister, or your daughter’s teacher, happening to catch you coming out of a porn theater, or standing outside buying a ticket.

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