What You Need to Know About Clothing Color Matching

Which colors are compatible with each other? Which shades of combinations go well with which skin and hair color? The answers are here! Whether at work or in daily life, a stylish person immediately shows himself in the environment. Having a style by paying attention to certain measurements and harmonies is actually not as difficult as you think. The key is how you wear and adapt your clothes to yourself, rather than what you wear. In other words, The important thing here is to create your own unique style especially by matching your clothing colors.

Combine Time: Which Colors Are Compatible With Each Other?

It can be expected that when it comes to classic wearings for example suits or business suits, you can create the same color combinations. From time to time, we often see that all clothes are the same color in fashion.

However, when it comes to an original style, color harmony works differently. Right color combinations bring you to the limits of fashion.

Creating contrast

Using the harmony of cold and warm colors or utilizing the contrast of pastel colors to each other will provide an important result in this regard. Yellow and blue, red and green, gray and pink, blue and white are the most commonly used colors in contrasting clothing color harmony. Although pastel and matte tones are used opposite, they should be combined with pastel tones rather than bright colors. Pastel yellow and red are a good example.

Combining shades in the same color scale

Especially if you have an outfit tone that suits you, you can use different shades of the same color without being too close to each other.

For example, a good combine would be a light brown shirt with a khaki green trousers or vice versa. A dark brown hat, bag and shoes look pretty cool with an earthy tone style. It is possible to look quite stylish with the harmony of light blue and dark blue.

Also, one of the simplest and most pleasant ways to look stylish in the same color of clothes is to choose a contrasting color in the selection of accessories. For example , it is a good idea to choose a red shawl over this combination of earth tones.