What unlucky person regrets the invention of photography?

His name was Herminio R. C. A 39-year-old Spanish dude. He was photographed with his pants unbuttoned, caught “in the act” while having lewd relations with… a chicken.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also died, crushed by a large rock:

nude photos

This isn’t a bad joke, nor fake news.

While some children were playing soccer nearby, the ball escaped, landed in a river and the boys went looking for it. That’s how – while scanning the surroundings – they came across the corpse of the poor young man.

Due to the position of the unlucky dude, the coroner’s verdict was final.

Crushed to death in Orense while practising zoophilia with a chicken” was the headline of the newspaper that published the photo, on December 10, 1990,

I think this man would have preferred to die in secret.

Bad luck for him (and for the hen).

SourceEl hombre y la gallina, el “viral” que cumple 25 años

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