What is the carbon footprint of Netflix?

We do love watching Netflix and its documents especially about the environment. However, did you know the carbon footprint of Netflix? or How is its affect on the environment? A group of scientists examine the idea whether Netflix have negative effect on the environment.

Netflix is famous with series like Bridgerton, Stranger Things, The Umbrella academy, La Casa de Papel, The Witcher and Squid Game. These series and many others have one thing in common. They make people spend many enjoyable hours .

The Calculation of Netflix Carbon Footprint

Although it seems easy, Netflix carbon footprint is very difficult to calculate. Carbon Trust , an initiative of University of Bristol researchers obtained data from media companies such as Itv, Netflix, Sky and BBC. According to the calculations, one hour of online streaming cause 56 grams of carbon dioxide emissions per device.

This amount can be quite low compared to other daily activities. However, considering that each device is used for an average of 3 hours of broadcast per day, we reach the conclusion that 61.3 kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year per device.

If we calculate over netflix’s 209 million members (without considering multiple memberships), the amount of Netflix carbon footprint alone is equal to 12,811,700 tons per year. This is not an amount to be underestimated. For example, to produce 12,811,700 tons carbon dioxide per year, each of the 487,136 units of the 2020 model mercedes s63 amg long should travel 100,000 km.

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