What does omay mean?

What does omay mean is one the most searched topics. The word of omay is used in especailly in social media interactions.

What does omay refer?

“omay” refers to accepting and being excited for a given situation or behavior. In other words Omay is the combination of “oh my god” (omg) and “okey”. It is also used as “omai”

“omay” is also an acronym for “one-man Asian invasion,” signifying the destruction of any potential romantic mood by an Asian man

What does omay mean

What does omay mean in texting?

omay meaning in texting does not changes whether it is stated verbal or in written form.

Is omay playable in Scrabble?

No, OMAY is not in the Scrabble dictionary

Is Omay a Name?

In English it is not. However, in Turkish, it is a name. It means distinguished, chosen. also it have meaning as abstract, self. Omay is used as a male and female name in Turkey.

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