What does kms mean?

What does kms mean? The word can have many meaning. KMS is internet slang words /acronyms that stand for kill my self. However, there are also various meanings based on various context.

What does kms mean on Snapchat?

According to Urban Dictionary, it means Kill my self. The word genrally used in social media interactions.

What does KMS stand for in Physics?

In Physics, KMS stands for one of the the standard measurement systems, expressing mass in Kilograms, length in Meters, and time in Seconds, hence KMS. Another system, for smaller applications, is CGS: length in Centimeters, mass in Grams, time in Seconds.

What does kms mean in WW2?

It’s a made up set of initials, used in English-language texts as a prefix to the name of a German warship.

‘KMS’ is meant to be short for ‘KriegsMarine Schiff’ (second capital added by me, but not used in the original German name Kriegsmarine). It is analogous in function to the British prefix HMS (His/Her Majesty’s Ship) and the American prefix USS (United States Ship, but prior to 1907 could as easily have meant ‘Union Screw Steamer’ since there was no formal prefix). They serve to clearly identify a warship and nationality.

However, while the Imperial German Navy of WW1 and beforehand did indeed use an official prefix for its warships – SMS or ‘Seiner Majestats Schiff’ or ‘His Majesty’s Ship’ – the Kriegsmarine of the 1930s and 40s did not use such a prefix. Thus, the term ‘KMS’ is a purely English-language invention, used at the time by British journalists I’m sure, but even then the more common descriptor among the populace was just “the Bismarck” or “the Scharnhorst’. Even “the battleship Bismarck” would have sufficed.

But the British are proud of their ‘HMS’ prefix and, well, it seems strange that we have that and the enemy didn’t. So we gave them a non-royal prefix, whether they really carried one or not. And they did not.

What does Imma k ms mean?

These are internet slang words /acronyms.

Imma — I’m going to

KMS — kill myself

What does kms mean

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