What does actor Keanu Reeves not tolerate?

Keanu Reeves: “I can’t stand men who vulgarly display their women as a prize in front of others.”

“I can’t be part of a world where men dress their women so vulgarly just to show them off in front of others.”

People like us, the actor seems more like a friend or someone we can cross on the street any day.

A few days ago, Keanu Reeves could not ignore the issue of gender inequality and expressed his opinion on the matter sincerely.

“I really don’t want and can’t be part of a world like that. I don’t understand those men who dress their women so vulgarly for the sole purpose of showing them off in front of others. We need to focus on the concepts of dignity and honor. Little by little, they forget, and we can barely hold on and trust their promises. They, for the most part, don’t even try to keep their word,” he said.

Individuals like us, the entertainer appears to be more similar to a companion or somebody we can go across on the road quickly.

A couple of days prior, he was unable to overlook the issue of sexual orientation disparity and offered his viewpoint on the matter truly.

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