What are the most random places paparazzi have snapped photos of a celebrity?

Part of being a celebrity is having to deal with paparazzi wherever you go. Here are some examples of celebrities who were caught in strange places:

1. Bella Hadid was Photographed with Jordan Barrett Inside Her NYC Apartment

Bella Hadid and Jordan Barrett were said to be dating after the two models were pictured together inside Bella’s New York City apartment.

Those photographs of them sitting on her couch, taking selfies, and cozying up on her balcony together, however, were taken by a paparazzi with a long-lease camera several hundred metres away, unbeknownst to the Californian-born beauty.

2. Katy Perry was caught inside a towel:

3. Leonardo DiCaprio was caught inside an umbrella:

4. Shaquille O’Neal was barely caught masterfully hiding behind a tree:

5. Shia Labeouf was caught inside two bags:

6. Cara Delevingne was caught inside a pizza:

7. Dustin Hoffman has been caught in so many places I’ve lost count:

8. Amanda Seyfried was caught catching paparazzi:

9. This picture of Ben Affleck touching jenny from the block’s butt

10. Kristen Stewart

To me, the most shocking celebrity picture taken by the paparazzi is the one of Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with her married boss, the director of Snow White and the Huntsman.

Firstly, because she cheated on him, was caught on camera, and the pictures went viral. Robert spent months hearing the public talking about it, mocking him, and he was harassed by the media who kept on asking him questions about it, surely making it harder for him to try to heal and move forward.

Secondly, because he deserved better and I always thought he would leave her, once he realized how different they were. I guess she realized it before him.

He clearly hated being part of the Twilight franchise, which he would be unashamed to say, and not being taken seriously as an actor, and being cheated on and dealing with it in the public eye made it even harder for him to show his talent in Hollywood and in desperate need of some space he started acting in indie films, which was the correct choice for him.

Those performances helped him make a name for himself and make those who mocked him shut their mouths and see how talented he is. He’s now back in Hollywood, he’s going far and there’s no Kristen keeping him down anymore.

11. Kate Middleton and Prince William

It must have been about a decade ago, Prince William had only just married Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Lovely girl, lovely guy, they had their little fairytale wedding. I’m not big into them, but whatever, I have no ill will towards them either. Anyway… people had always been obsessed with Harry and William. And now this obsession expanded to include Kate as well.

People would absolutely hound the poor woman. Everywhere. She couldn’t even go to the beach anymore. Hell, they even followed her as she went swimming. Ran after her in swimming pools, at beaches, all to get a glimpse of newly-royal-by-marriage-punani. Maybe a hint of nipple? Some outline of a vulva… anything the vultures could get their claws on, to sell for top dollar to whatever dirty little rag would print it. The whole thing was quite a family affair; her brother-in-law famously only narrowly avoided having his own ‘crown jewels’ exposed for the world to see…

Eventually, shots did get taken, and shared. First pictures of a much younger Kate with her then-boyfriend, Wiliam, wearing very revealing and see-through white swimwear. And next, the paparazzi even managed to sneak into trees and near a resort she was vacationing to snap… a topless picture of the poor princess! A lot of the older photos pre-date her marriage — William still had a glorious head of hair in them so the two were barely out their teens.

It was all published. Went viral, online and offline. Every nook and cranny, every inch of Kate’s body revealed, analysed, discussed and debated at great length as if she were some sort of prize winning broodmare. Which, marrying into the royal family, she essentially was. Still it shocked me. People truly have no shame whatsoever.

12. What could be more sad than this? Chadwick Boseman

Nobody realized that our beloved wakanda prince was dying.

Some people mocked him for his appearance once these photos were released, but no one knew what he was hiding.

For his appearance in his final year, he was constantly mocked.

For me, this is one of the shocking picture of a celebrity clicked by the paparazzi.

May Chadwick Boseman × Forever Black Panther rest in peace.

13. Britnay Spears

A decade after her emotional breakdown was captured for posterity by a paparazzi, Britnay Spears is still a prisoner.

The 2007 incident took place during a period of strange behavior, shaving her head, getting 2 new tattoos and hitting the LA club scene,

Britany, above, bashes a paparazzi’s SUV with a green umbrella following a visit to estranged husband Kevin Federline’s house.

 14. Emma Stone 

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15. Grant Gustin

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16. Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz

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17. Benedict Cumberbatch

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18. Gerard Butler

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 19. Leonardo DiCaprio

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20. Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield

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21. Jim Carrey

Don’t you just hate paparazzi? Ok, if you’re not a famous public persona, you might have no beef with them, but for those who are, they can become a real pain in the ass. That’s why we found it quite surprising to see that some of the celebrities who get hassled by the annoying photographers don’t just ignore them, no… they make the most out of it!

22. Looking perfect at the beach is possible everyone has had an awkward beach moment, and today we thought we would take a look at some celebs who just couldn’t agree more. Let’s Start Off With Kesha Needing A Little Help

To kick our list off we decided to go with singer Kesha who was spotted getting out of the water on the beach. As you can tell, Kesha needed a little help getting dry — but she didn’t expect these pics to live on the internet forever!

24. Lindsay Lohan Is Clearly Very Stressed About Getting A Sunburn

Let’s move on to actress Lindsay Lohan whose face definitely makes us think that she is very worried about something. The redhead was spotted leaving the water looking quite miserable and the first thing that comes to our mind is that she is stressed about getting a sunburn!

25. Katy Perry Isn’t Too Happy With What She Saw Underwater

Another pop star that deserves a spot here is singer Katy Perry. As you can tell from the pics above, Katy was frowning after snorkeling and we really wonder what it was that she saw underwater that made her pull such a face!

26. Lady Gaga Wears No Eyebrows To The Beach

Let’s move onto pop star Lady Gaga, who was spotted enjoying a day on the beach with what seemed to be bleached eyebrows. Now, we all know that the singer is a fan of extreme fashion and beauty trends but we still thought these photos were worth including!

27. Here’s Taylor Swift Screaming

Pop star Taylor Swift was seen screaming in the water — something we don’t see the singer do too often. It’s clear that Taylor was overwhelmed with how cold the water was and that was her natural reaction!

28. Britney Spears Hoping She Survives

Singer Britney Spears also made it onto our list because these pics of her trying to stop the jet-ski are absolute gold.

29. Keanu Reeves Tried To Change His Clothes

Another Hollywood star that made it onto our list is Keanu Reeves. As you can tell from the pics above, the actor was trying to change out of his wet swim trunks.

30. Leonardo DiCaprio Trying To Figure Out His Camera

To wrap our list up we decided to go with Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio getting out of the water because he clearly couldn’t figure out how his camera works.

31. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez gets pierced in the face: Selena Gomez is in a great relationship with The Weekend at the moment but her previous relationship with Justin Bieber was not so ideal.

Before returning Bieber got all the tattoos done and did his bangs, he and Gomez were the last young power couple. However, there must have been trouble in heaven. Gomez has since said his relationship with Bieber was not a great experience and the special status that aired on his 17th birthday was proof of that. 

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