Recommendations for a Car Not Working for a Long Time

Sometimes you do not need to drive your car. Some times there are many days when you do not go out. Especially during the pandemic, many may prefer to work from their home and their unused cars can be problem. After such long period, we all have the question of how to start unused cars for a long time.

If your vehicle has been in the parking lot for a while, do not set off without knowing about the maintenance and checks you need to do before starting! Here’s what you need to know

Maintenance recommendations for cars that don’t run for a long time

Car batteries may die

Car Not Working for a Long Time

One of the most common and known problems is the car battery problem that does not work for a long time. Remember that just a few weeks of inactivity of your vehicle creates enough time for its battery to be discharged.

If you leave your car inactive for considerable time, it is useful to disconnect the battery. When you start your vehicle, it will be appropriate to clean the poles and ends of the battery with baking soda and water, charge and re-install.

If you have not done this application and your battery is drained, you can fill it up. However, if the time has passed, it will be beneficial for you to buy a new battery as the conductivity of the copper in the cables may have decreased.

Fluid change may be needed

unused cars

If your vehicle has not run for many years and has been parked, it is useful to empty all the fluids and refill them. If it waited for a shorter time or slept in winter, change the oil and filter. Then drain the fuel from the gas tank.

You should also empty the carburetor buoyancy bowls. Also on your list is to drain and replace the radiator coolant and flush the fuel pipes. Make sure that all fluids in your vehicle are at sufficient levels.

Better to check spark plugs

Car Not Working for a Long Time

If your car has not run for more than 90 days, you will need to remove the spark plugs and add some lubricant to the cylinder seats.

It is useful to turn the engine key several times. This is because oil lubricates the cylinders and fills the fuel oil pumps before ignition.

Do not forget tire and brake control

Car tires that do not work for a long time are a critical issue. Over time, the tires deflate and at the same time the quality of the tires decreases. Pressure will build on your vehicle’s tires, which may create cracks on the tires.

You should also check your vehicle’s brake as well. With your car on the jack, turn all tires one by one while operating with the hand pedal. In this way, you can test the strength of your brakes.

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