What are some tips for slowing down when life gets too crazy?

Here some personal advise for some tips for slowing down when life gets too crazy.

I notice life is getting too crazy when I start to feel agitated, become irritable quicker and start to experience insomnia. I tend to be almost hyperactive at times – my default setting but I’ve spent years calming myself down through a range of practices- daily Yoga, Mindfulness, Gratitude practice, Affirmations, Breathwork and Journalling. They work for me but when life starts to get abit frantic I notice my practices become less regular and start to fall away.

I’ve spent decades dealing with the impact of a range of traumatic experiences during my early childhood which lasted well into my young adult life. In my mid 50’s; I’m now a well adjusted human being, for the most part. There are times however when I become triggered and life can go belly up real fast.

I’m pretty good at observing myself and I’ve gotten better over the years at catching myself during a meltdown and return to a place of being centred. Breathwork and some quiet time is usually required to facilitate this.

I work hard at being the observer, trying to get a big picture view of the circus of life. It can be hard work but I’ve derived huge benefits from it in dealing with life and all it throws at me. It’s also been a way for me to practice loving kindness towards myself and others, by acknowledging that we’re all “dealing with stuff, ”and that other people’s behaviours and responses usually have little to do with us and much more to do with what’s going on in their own heads. So I try really hard not to take life personally or even that seriously.

I live with a range of health issues which impact my life daily – joint stiffness & pain, immobility and fatigue are the more challenging effects to manage as they dictate how productive I can be on a daily basis. So when I’m feeling good I tend to get carried away and exert too much energy. That’s followed by having to spend the next few days resting. Pacing myself is not a concept I have readily yeilded to but I can’t deny its helpful and I work on making my peace with it, whilst still acknowledging my dislike of routines.

I appreciate that resting and making time for relaxation is an essential part of my being well and helps me generate energy to be able to do activities that I enjoy by myself and with others, especially my children. I find solo activities really helpful; my tabletop garden, colouring activities, creative writing. I’m currently doing an on line yoga teacher training course – it’s been an excellent tool for self study and I can go at my own pace and take as long as I want.

Regularly, throughout the day I’ll stop for a few moments to check in with myself. I do a body scan to check my pain levels, they can creep up from multiple sources so I’ll often only notice the most painful places but less painful areas can get ignored until they start screaming too.. I assess if I need to top up pain relief or if I can go on for longer – they’re addictive and I’ve been on them for years…

I take some deep breaths and carry on with my day or have a rest if that’s what’s required. I rest daily- sometimes all day, sometimes for a few hours at whichever point in the day that I need to.. I’ve long stopped fighting with my body and see surrender as partnership working. I don’t get embarrassed easily but falling asleep any time anywhere was pushing it…

I find laugher to be very good medicine indeed. I often have to remind my children that keeping me entertained is part of their role. Fortunately 2 of the 3 of them humour me and probably think I’m a little bit crazy. I do need to remind them occasionally of my need not to be “normal”

Music I love and I self soothing with singing, humming and sometimes chanting ‘Omm.’ I like hugs and again my children are very useful in the absence of other willing adults. My 21 year old daughter is a hugger so that works quite well as a source of abundant hugs. My Tribe accepts that plans are made with good intentions but that they may be cancelled at a moments notice.

Inspite of it all or perhaps because of it all, life is good. After all what would be the point of life if we didn’t have challenges to overcome and grow into our wiser selves? (assuming we all have one..)

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