Salieri Complex, The Jealousy of a Person’s Intelligence and Talent

The Salieri Complex or salieri syndrome refer to the extreme enviousness of ordinary people toward talented ones. Although common people work so hard, talented people can reach an “original” results in a much shorter time.The Salieri Complex goes back to Italian musician Antonio Salieri who was alleged to being so jealous of his contemporary composer, Amadeus Mozart. However, considering historical facts, such huge jealousy of Salieri toward Mozart may be unlikely.

Who is Antonio Salieri and Salieri Complex or Salieri syndromes?

Antonio Salieri, who gave his name and content to the complex. Salieri was one the great Italian composers. He had been already well known for his operatic achievements during his period. Later, he became the court composer of Emperor Joseph II.

Salieri was born in the city of Legnago in Italy. He came from Venice to Vienna during a trip of church choir children. And he stayed in this city and took lessons from Florian Gassman.

Salieri Complex salieri syndrome
Salieri Complex

Salieri became a court composer in Vienna in 1774. He conducted the palace orchestra between 1788 and 1790. He was also appointed as the choir director of the same palace.

Salieri also trained Schubert, and taught vocal technique to Beethoven. He was friends with Gluck for a while. They wrote the “les danaides” together.

When the piece was first represented in Paris in 1784, the names of both composers were hung side by side on the door of the operas, which was a huge success.

Antonio Salieri left about forty operas, oratorios, chamber music, serenades and cantatas as a composer.

Where did the rumors about the jealousy crisis of Salieri come from?

The confusion may be wide spread due to the film of Amadeus. In the film, Salieri was represented as was insanely jealous of Mozart’s talent. He was claimed to have murdered him.

However, the movie itself is a fictional work. Amadeus does not wish to reflect all historical facts, as accepted by Milos Forman.

salieri syndrome
salieri syndrome

Salieri was a person who had become one of the highest level of music authority in Austria. It is true that he was not have the talent of Mozart. Hovever, Salieri had deep and comprehensive musical knowledge. Therefore, he fully appreciated how unique Mozart’s talent was.

The gossip that Salieri hated Mozart or even tried to poison and murder him seems to have originated after Mozart’s death in 1791. In fact, Salieri mourned Mozart at his funeral. Later, He taught music lessons to Mozart’s son.

While the film is so inaccurate, historically speaking, its success as a movie and its influence is valid.

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