North Korea Zoo is Still Exist?

North Korea Zoo is considered as the ‘worst zoo in the world’. This is because it neglected tigers give birth to stillborn cub in front of cheering kids and turtles swim covered in algae.

The reality of Kim Jong-Un’s beloved Pyongyang zoo has been revealed with these harrowing photographs.

One heartbreaking shot shows a neglected white tiger desperately trying to nurse its stillborn cub back to life – as algae-covered turtles swim in fetid pools before hordes of screaming schoolkids.

Nort Korea Zoo

The tubby dictator has personally visited famous North Korea Zoo six times since taking power in 2011 – and in 2016 ordered a multi-million pound renovation of its crumbling facades.

But the regeneration did nothing for the animals, which remain locked up in tiny concrete pens.

The bulk of the investment was spent on a bizarre tiger’s head sculpture at the entrance.

Speaking to The Daily Mirror, the zoo guide claimed the barmy statue was tacked as “our Supreme Leader said the tiger was the symbol of bravery and courage and loved by all Korean people.”

Nort Korea Zoo

A multi-million pound regeneration resulted in this barmy addition to the zoo’s entrance.

Elsewhere in the zoo, rare turtles could be seen wading through a pool of stagnant water that barely covered their shells.

The Mirror claim that one guard was seen picking them up by their TAILS before hurling them into the putrid pond.

Seals wailed in distress as a malnourished Bengal tiger paced its cramped enclosure.

Animal rights expert Dr. Chris Draper said the zoo was “totally inappropriate”.

Nort Korea Zoo

One turtle had a shell totally covered in algae.

He blasted: “Their cages are small, bare and there is no means of retreat from public view for them.

“It is most alarming to see the mother [tiger] and stillborn cub. There should’ve been a vet on the scene straight away.

“There should have been intervention prior to this horrendous situation and, at the very least, immediate action should have been taken after the birth to establish why it occurred.”

Humane Society International’s Wendy Higgins added: “This is a devastating, rare insight into the shockingly poor existence of animals at this zoo.

Nort Korea bears in facility

“[They] are confined to heartbreakingly small enclosures, often almost entirely barren, in which all they can do is pace or swim the same circular route.”

The barren zoo was opened in 1959 by Kim Il-sung, who went on to visit it 20 times as Supreme Leader.

Son Kim Jong-Il made 31 visits, while current leader Kim Jong-Un has made six appearances.

North Korea’s ‘worst zoo in the world’ revealed in harrowing pictures

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