Material Pedot That Can Combine Artificial Intelligence With Human Brain

Forget about natural evolution! Scientists have discovered a new material,namely pedot, that can combine artificial intelligence with the human brain. The Pedot material can lead to dramatic changes in human lives.

Usually, the characters we frequently encounter in science fiction movies or series are cyborgs. Cyborgs are known as beings with biological and artificial parts. The term, coined by American scientists Manfred Clynes and Nathan S. Kline in 1960, was used in an article that described the advantages of self-regulating human-machine systems in space. 

Cyborgs are hybrid creatures that are half human and half machine. Scientists think that these scenarios we see in movies in the near future will be real. In fact, the insertion of chips or mechanical limbs into the human body is not new.  Let’s look at the details of new materials together.

With advancement of technology in our lives, many things have become possible. Especially in recent years, many developments have been made regarding artificial intelligence.

artificial intelligence

Scientists made an incredible breakthrough at the American Chemical Society Fall 2020, which took place recently.

artificial intelligence

Scientists have discovered a new material that can combine artificial intelligence with the human brain. If this material is started to be used, we may see cyborgs in the near future.

artificial intelligence

The material, Pedot, is an important step towards integrating electronics with the body. In other words, half human, half robot cyborgs can become a part of daily life rather than a character created for science fiction 

pedot material

The ability to bind electronics to human tissue was a challenge in the past because traditional materials such as gold, silicon, and steel would cause scars when implanted.

pedot material

The Pedot has the necessary features to connect electronic equipment to human tissue without scarring. It also significantly improves the performance of medical implants.

pedot materials

Pedot polymers can also be used to help detect or treat brain or nervous system disorders. Finding a pedot is one of the important steps between artificial intelligence and human

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