Lateral Band Walks; Tips, Modifications & Benefits

If you are looking for a lower body move that’s as simple as it is effective, look no further than lateral band walks. This valuable exercise packs a punch fast, and all you need is a resistance band. Here’s how to do this move correctly,tips, modifications, and benefits.

How to do lateral band walks:

  1. Place the tiny band directly above your ankles on the right side of your mat. Begin in a half-squat stance with your feet hip-width apart.
  2. With your left foot, take a large stride to the left, then with your right foot, take a little step to the left. Make sure your knees do not cave in.
  3. Continue until you reach the opposite side of your mat, then reverse the movement to return to the beginning.
  4. Rep for another 60 seconds.
lateral band walks
lateral band walks

Tips & modifications for the walks

  • Keep your core engaged to support the upper body and work your abdominal muscles.
  • Keep your hips neutral (not tilting up or tucking under) in your half squat.
  • Use a band with less resistance to make this move easier, or ditch the band entirely if need be.
  • Use a band with more resistance to make this move more challenging. You can also add a second band above the knees to increase the difficulty.
  • To incorporate the arms, you can hold a dumbbell or weight.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of lateral band walks are numerous, ranging from strengthening the whole lower body to improving balance and posture. For starters, this action engages the glutes, thighs, and hips, all of which contribute to the body’s stability and support.

Hip strength helps to keep your entire body in line and supports lower back strength as well.

lateral band walks benefits
Band walks benefits

Furthermore, the lateral band walk is a superb functional movement exercise that improves knee and hip stability.

This exercise is good for hip health and strength. We’re continually moving forward in our daily lives, but we should be including all of the hips’ planes of motion—forward, lateral, and retrograde movements—for maximum hip health.

It’s simple, as well, making it a perfect move for fitness novices and veterans alike.

Mini Band Lateral Walk Exercise Guide • Bodybuilding Wizard
lateral band walks benefits

The bottom line is, there’s a reason band walks are a favorite of so many trainers: They’re beneficial in so many ways and will absolutely get your lower body working fast.

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