Keanu Reeves modesty surprises people to this day

Much loved and revered around the world, Keanu Reeves modesty drew attention on the internet for an unusual reason. Even turning 57 years old, many remember this curious fact.

Keanu Reeves modesty
Keanu Reeves with fan

A few years ago, several images began to go viral where Keanu takes pictures with female fans and his attitude in these situations ended up jumping out.

To respect women, he prefers not to touch their bodies. During the photos, he does not hug or put his hands on the girls’ waists.

Instead, he places his hands behind his back, inches apart. Or hands in your pocket.

On Twitter, a fan noticed this pattern in mid-2019 and made a montage with several moments in which Keanu appears posing respectfully. The same happens when he poses next to famous colleagues.

This attitude made the actor stop at the most talked about issues on social networks at the time. His posture has been praised by fans and netizens since then, who already admired him a lot for his charisma.

In June 2019, fans on Twitter noticed that Reeves doesn’t hold women while posing with them for photos — and the actor’s endearing habit quickly went viral, with fans celebrating the star for his respect for women.

Keanu Reeves modesty is too good and he is so peaceful in Nature.

His aura is so calm, and laidback, that when he talks, you can’t help but listen intently.