Is Self-Awareness Worth It?

Building your self-awareness helps you learn more about yourself and what you’re capable of. Here’s how to develop a deeper understanding of yourself.

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What is self-awareness?

Self-awareness definitions are various, conceptualized according to disciplines and context. From a common perspective, self-awareness is the ability to see yourself clearly and objectively through reflection and self-examination. In addition to this, self-awareness is the ability to pay truly attention to your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

When you are self-aware, you observe and understand all your emotions and thoughts instead of trying to fix or avoid them. Individuals who are self-aware also honors his or her wants and needs in to establish their goals, dreams, and boundaries. To sum up, self-awareness is the habit of exploration and paying attention to your inner voice, analyzing our feelings, and knowing our aspirations well.

What are 8 practical ways to build self-awareness?

Humans appear to be complex because they struggle with a continuous battle between their instincts, emotions, and intellect. Therefore, creating self-awareness is not easy task. What is more, there is no one single recipe to achieve it. However, you can utilize some practical ways to make your journey easy.

1. Have a Clear Purpose

Let’s start with beginning. The first step in developing self-awareness is to set a goal. Having clear purpose help you unlocking your untapped potential. It allows you determination and better understand more about yourself. Then, you can divide your main purpose to more manageable goals and tackle it one at a time.

By doing this, you are able to turn your endeavor to less overwhelming. Here is a good video that can inspire you.

2. Go deep dive to reflect yourself

One of the ways to reach self-awareness is through self-reflection. The process is unique everyone.

Therefore, In self-reflection, you focus on your own “whys”. You can also reflect on your standards yourself.

It allows you to look neutrally at your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions.

3. Utilize Valid Self-Awareness Tests

If self reflection is not good for you, try valid tests. You can take a self-assessment tests to better understand yourself.

When you assess yourself, you become more aware of your wants and needs.

In addition to this, you get to have better direction to yourself.

4. Start Meditation

Meditation is an easy practice that can promote happiness, reduce stress. You will see that a few minutes every day can make a huge difference.

You become become tranquil have more clarity. Your mind will wander during meditation.

You will be more conscious of things happening around and inside you.

Check this article “How to mediate” if you are not familiar with mediating.

5. Take opinion of your loved ones and close friends.

Learning about yourself means stepping outside of your comfort zone. You can get genuine feedback from someone you trust.

Do not be offended if any negative comment occur. Also, do not take any word gospel. Therefore, listen carefully what they think about you. Understand their perspective on your attitudes, traits, or behaviors.

6. Listen your feelings

When someone isn’t used to thinking too deeply about their feelings, this can be a challenge.

Your feelings are spontaneous and emotional responses to the things you experience.

Understanding what makes you mad, sad, stressed, or can go a long way in terms of self-awareness.

7. Keep Journal

One of the practical ways to improve self awareness is keeping journal. You can discover your true wants and needs.

Journals allow you comprehend what you value, and what works for you.

With any style, casting your thoughts and feelings into words helps you to become more aware about your “self”.

8. Do not give up learning and do keep reading

Keep on exploring new things is one of the best ways to boost self-awareness. Leaving comfort zone is the perfect opportunity to learn how you act, think, and feel in unfamiliar situations. Furthermore, The more you explore and discover, the more you will find positive qualities about yourself.

Is Self-Awareness good or bad?

Being conscious of one’s self can be considered as a good thing since it allows you to find out who truly you are to discover what motivates you, and ultimately make better decisions.

However, self-awareness can also lead to self-doubt and an excruciating state of self-consciousness where you second guess yourself and analyze every nuance of your actions and words. You can find in this article, how focusing too much on self awareness can turn into problem.

Majority of studies suggest that benefits of having self awareness outweigh the cons.

Individuals who are aware of their “self”s can have

  • Clearer thinking and better decision-making
  • Increased productivity
  • More effective communication

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