Is It Hard to Do Masters in Germany?

Doing masters in a foreign country is not easy. Doing masters in Germany offers great oppurtunities with excellent universites as well as unique hardships.

However, generally speaking, doing masters in germany is not that much hard to do. I think it much easier than other good countries which are in competition of Germany.

Most of the German universities offer free education with an excellent quality of teaching system. This is valid for their natives as well as international students.

But for getting a free education the parameters are little high for international students.

If one applies for English program, his/her academic score must be more than 70 percent. Her/his IELTS band should higher tahn 6.5. TOEFL score should be more than 80. This is also acceptable in German universities for English taught.

For applying in German taught the minimum requirement is B1 level of German language test and 50 percent in past academic.

The above criteria is not so easy but not so tough too. For getting free education in the top unuversities of Germany the candidates can easily fullfill the requirements, as after that they will get an oppurtinity to brighten their future and career.

If you fullfill the requirements you will have various choices of courses or Program and Universities for Masters.

If you are going for a paid program then there are so many organisations which offer different types of scholarships for international students to reduce their expenses burden for study and living in Germany.

You will easily get your visa without any restrictions, also will be eligible to apply for part time job during your study period for your daily expenses.

After completing studies Germany provides stay back options for international candidates for 1.5 years, in this time period students are allowed to do full time work and have to pay tax to the German goverment, after 1.5 years if students monthly wage is about 4000 Euro then he will get an extra extension for three more years and during this time if he continues to pay taxes to the German govermet he can apply and get the Blue card or German residense permit.

So doing MS in Germany is easy and beneficial for international students.

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