Is Instant Coffee Harmful to Health?

is instant coffee harmful to health? The answer is not easy one. While some argue that instant coffee is detrimental due to the chemical ingredients. Some think that instant coffee is not different than normal one.

Instant coffee is the dried soluble portion of roasted coffee, which is produced as in either powder or granule form while the insoluble parts are left behind at the factory. Unlike traditional coffee consumption methods, soluble coffee can dissolves completely in water. Especially during the world wars, the need of keeping soldiers sober and vigorous give the rise to this type coffee. During these times, most of advertising posters of instant coffees featured soldiers.

Before researching the subject, I was sure it was, but after reading it, I was confused. There are different versions on the internet.

Is Instant Coffee Harmful to Health?

Different Opinions For “Is Instant Coffee Harmful”

1.Positive findings for instant coffee

It is claimed that soluble coffee is healthier than other types. The reason is that the soluble granules do not contain the harmful “fatty substances” found in freshly ground coffee. Hence, it does not pose a risk to cardiovascular health.

It also contained 50% less caffeine than filter coffee.On average, a cup of instant coffee contains about 90mg of caffeine whereas ground coffee has a range of 125 to 140 mg of caffeine for the same cup.

Instant coffee have higher amount of antioxidants in which soluble coffee brews have the highest values in content of phenols, chlorogenic acid derivates, and antioxidant capacity.

It is found that soluble coffee can help in reducing the blood sugar level. Yet this is valid for a healthy person. If you have diabetes, limiting the amount of caffeine in your diet may provide a benefit

2.Negative views for instant coffee

Some argue that because instant coffee contains less caffeine, the possibility of over-consumption increases. This causes irritability, mildness, and insomnia. In addition, instant coffee has a direct effect on iron absorption proportional to how hard the coffee is.

During the processing of soluble coffee, a chemical compound called acrylamide emerges. This is a chemical produced when foods are heated above 120 degrees. It was found in 2002 that acrylamide causes producing carcinogenic agents for animals and turned out to be associated with neurotoxicity, which is the damage to the brain or peripheral nervous system caused by exposure to natural or man-made toxic substances.

There are also findings that it increases the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer in women. Instant coffee also contains an organic acid called oxalates which is very harmful to hyperoxaluria patients.

So, Is Instant Coffee Harmful to Health?

Coffee is a healthy drink; However, the consumed amount as well as method of preparation and brewing process can affect health benefits and risks. As long as it is consumed at its discretion all health risks linked with the soluble coffee may decrease. Of course, the information I found above applies to plain instant coffee. milk powders or 3-in-1 solutions may not innocent.

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