iOS 14 update: Everything you need to know

The new version of iOS 14 has been released. With the new update of iOS 14, iPhone has got many new features. We have compiled the innovations of iOS 14 for you. If you are ready, let’s take a look at the new features of iOS 14!

New Features of iOS 14

The iOS 14 operating system update, which aims to make the lives of users easier than ever, has been highly appreciated. Let’s take a closer look at these features.

Widgets: Android’s favorite feature has come to iOS

Android, the arch rival of Apple’s iOS operating system, has had the Widget feature for a very long time. IPhone users also wanted to experience this feature and use their own customizable Widgets. This is now possible. 

With the iOS 14 operating system, the Widget feature is included in the iOS ecosystem. Weather, news, map, calendar and many more Widget options can be positioned on the home screen.

App Library: Applications are self-organized

Another feature that we have not seen before in the iOS operating system and comes with the new update is the App Library. This feature allows all applications to be listed in one place  In this direction, users can access the applications much more easily and quickly.

App Clips: You can forget wallets at home

App Clips, a brand new feature, makes it easier than ever to make payments with iPhones. From restaurants to electric scooters, from parking meters to auto repair shops, App Clips, which works with the NFC feature of the iPhone, appears on the screen when you touch your iPhone to the payment point and realize the payment.

Siri: Voice assistant that does not cover the entire screen

Siri, the voice assistant of the Apple ecosystem, makes life easier with its endless features such as “setting alarms, making calls, taking notes, searching the internet” and more. However, when we wanted to use Siri, our entire screen was covered by the Siri interface. 

With iOS 14, this problem is eliminated. When you send a command to Siri, Apple’s voice assistant appears at the bottom of the screen. While Siri detects the command and passes directly to the result, no Siri interface appears in whole screen.

Picture-in-Picture: Another feature taken as an example from Android

You are watching a video or making a video call. You wanted to exit the app, switch to another app, but if you do, the image will pause. With iOS 14, the picture-in-picture feature has also taken place on iPhones. It is now possible to switch to another application while streaming a video that is open in Netflix, YouTube, Photos, FaceTime, Skype and similar applications. You can even send the video to the bar on the left side of the screen and keep the audio only.

Call Screen: Can now shrink to notifications

One of the biggest issue of iPhone users is no longer a problem. People using iPhone could not return to the home screen when they received a call. Hence, they had to decline the call or wait until the call end. Apple completely changed this interface, showing incoming calls as a notification in the iOS 14 operating system.

Spatial Audio: No need to take AirPods out of ear

This feature, which will work with AirPods Pro, brings the imitation of 3D audio stream with iOS 14. Apple’s new technology, called Spatial Audio, offers Dolby Atmos support. The new feature offers the all-around sound experience similar to being in a movie theater.

Maps: More lively and richer routes

Apple’s renewed Maps application brings many features. Now Apple Maps can draw custom routes for cyclists. When users choose a road, they can view whether they need to climb stairs or not. In addition, the Apple Maps application includes tourist attractions and a tour guide for the city in general. Those who use Apple Maps carry their tour guides in their pockets.

Safari: will offer translation and privacy-focused experience exclusive to iOS

With the new update, Safari is faster and safer than ever. The new Safari, which can provide site-based privacy reports, also notifies you if one of your password or account has been exposed to data leaks.

The Safari application on iOS instantly detects when you enter a website with foreign language and displays a translation button on the screen. When you tap this button, the entire page is translated into the language of your choice. Translation feature supports English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Russian or Brazilian Portuguese for now.

Car Keys: Ready to use iPhone as car key?

You no longer have to carry your car keys with you, Apple says. The Car Keys technology introduced unlocks the vehicle when you are near your vehicle. The iOS 14 update feature, can start the engine, puts the car keys on the dusty shelves of the history. You can turn this feature off and on at any time.

Messages: More similar to WhatsApp

Apple’s new operating system version iOS 14, brings people labeling or mentioning people to group chats in the Messages app. In addition, the Messages application has a feature that allows the desired chats to be fixed at the top of the screen.

Translate: Two people speaking different languages ​​can communicate with this application

Silicon Valley’s giant Apple now has its own translation application with new update. This application can translate without the need for internet, currently support eleven languages. When the screen is moved to a horizontal position, it switches to an interface that allows two people speaking different languages ​​to communicate mutually.

Default Applications: It is possible to set the desired application as default.

Another new surprising feature came with iOS 14 is the ability to change the default applications. With Apple’s new operating system update, you can now change the default application for e-mail and internet browser . A life-saving innovation for those who use Gmail instead of the mail application.

Memoji: Face Mask

Apple, which does not ignore the corona virus, added a new detail to the Memojis frequently used by its users. Apple users can now add a face mask to their Memojis. With this detail, Apple is trying to convey the importance of using a face mask to both its users and the people to whom the users will send their Memojis.

Enhanced Privacy

With iOS 14, users will be able to share their approximate location rather than their actual location while allowing apps to access location. In addition, developers will be able to add the ‘Sign in with Apple ‘ option to apps to log into an account  Also, starting next year, all apps will have to ask for permission before tracing users.

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