How do top students study?

How to study like top students is a questions every student wonders. Even though many study so hard, spend considerable time, they could achieve results as top students do. To understand what top students differentiate themselves from the rest, you should read following list.

Top students build a strong Intrinsic motivation boosted by curiosity

How do top students study?


Exams should not be mere target. Top students want to learn more about the field. Passing the exam will be proof to outsiders that they have mastered the field. They are immensely curious. While discipline and willpower are important, top students are also driven by curiosity. To find these answers, they study and learn as a natural consequence. Instead of fighting their inner laziness, they allow their genuine curiosity to lead them.

Top students build habits. 

How do top students study?

Top students create strong habits. They do not work towards exams, but work towards habits that make them better. 

The nice thing about habits is that once you have built them, they go almost automatically. Hopefully you will enjoy learning, but even when you are not, you will continue on autopilot. Habits keep you going, even in the most difficult moments, and that is absolutely crucial.

Students without good habits, who often start to ‘block’ at the last minute. They will on average perform much worse and have a much harder time than students who have built up good habits.

High achievers have own methodology

How do top students study?

High achievers focus on methods that help for them. They determine and create their own methods. To make sure you are not wasting your time staring glazedly at a PowerPoint with a bunch of words you do not really understand. For some people, it has to do with hearing the material, for some reading it, and for others, writing it. The point is how you take the material in, as long as you’re engaged with it.

High achievers learn, not memorize

Students who are in leading class focus on understanding concepts, rather than memorizing them. They look at the levels of learning, and focus on the upper levels – understanding, applying, analyzing, and evaluating.

They want to understand how things work. They want to know how is something possible. They want to determine whether a concept has practical value in the real world. They value reasoning more than memorization.

High achievers connect the dots.

The average students study topics in isolation. They rarely think or discover the connection between two seemingly unrelated topics. The top students do exactly the opposite. They tend to observe recurring patterns in different disciplines and find out why. Therefore, they can grasp multiple concepts both intellectually and intuitively.

High achievers apply their knowledge

High achievers apply their knowledge

Knowing things are important, but rarely enough. The top students only consider themselves competent when they can apply their knowledge. For student, the most common opportunity for knowledge application is exercise. In there words, they practice a lot of exercise. They solve real world problems whenever possible. “Practice makes perfect.” Cliche, but true.

Top students set their own time

Top achievers concentrate on working when they feel most awake and concentrated. While it is tempting to try to follow academic literature about waking up early and going to bed on time, it may cause more stress for you.  Trying to be awake at a time that you really want to go to sleep or forcing yourself to go to bed when you are not tired is just a way of adding more mental load to your life.

Study when you can study, regardless of what others tell you. Top students utilize their time efficiently. Check your idle times during a day. Many enjoy using travel time to learn newer things instead of wasting with social media.

Top students focus

How long can you work on a single task before a random thought pops up? It says a lot of your focus muscles. Top students remain top because they’re able to focus on challenging and complex concepts reasonably long to make sense of them.

They do get distracted sometimes, but they are great at refocusing and diving into flow state, which further increase their effectiveness in study.

Top students rest smartly

Self-care is the foundation of everything. We are humans, not machines. In fact, even machines need to rest. Top students work hard and “rest hard”, because they know that is the sustainable strategy to be vivid for a long haul. Top students get enough sleep eat a healthy and varied diet. They exercise enough relax themselves regularly.

Contrary to those who rest by simply sleeping or stuffing their mind with low-quality impulses,  High achievers rest smartly by pursuing healthy hobbies, spending time with people they like and basically have fun.

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