How can you learn faster?

When you look at young children, when they learn faster, they suck it up like a sponge and have no objection to learning. We had those times too. It was like a blank paper without fear of learning new things. However, as time goes by, the memories and experiences that have been accumulated over the life have left the blank mind full of doubts about yourself.

In fact, learning something seems like bringing something new from the outside and making it your own, but in fact, it is the ability you originally have within you.

The fear of failure or the desire to be accepted becomes an obstacle in my mind, reducing my ability to learn something I originally had. everything is inside me. My true power allows me to do everything, but it is also my mind that blocks everything.

If you want to learn faster, it is essential to look back on what is blocking your true abilities. If you honestly reflect on whether it is fear or comparison with others, there can be many thoughts. If you can meditate on yourself and let go of that mind, the learning process will not be a burden or pain. It’s fun to learn, so you can also get your skills quickly. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to learn fast.

Here also some tips to learn faster

1) Take notes

Writing down the things you read will help your brain accumulate information faster and deeper, I have found that it is more effective to use a pencil and piece of paper instead of taking notes on a tablet or PC.

2) Read out loud

Sometimes while reading a long and complicated paragraph, reading it out loud and hearing back your voice will help you get the content better.

3) Explain the things you learn to others

It is easier to remember something if you actually use the information you learn, explaining it to others is one way to do that.

4) Repeat, repeat, repeat. 

Not many people have a photographic memory, repeating is what stores the information on your memory.

5) Play with things.

Have a great time taking things apart so you can put them back together. When the act of learning is a fun game it is easy to learn anything instantly. What has changed about how you learn since you were a toddler? The only difference is that now you internally tell yourself that it’s too hard.

6) Sleep Well

Everyone understands how vital quality sleep is for your health. Try to sleep at the same hour every day. According to the researchers, if you get adequate sleep, you will be more focused and will learn faster.

7) Have small rewards at the end of each study

Before beginning your cycle or study session, imagine a “little gift” for yourself at the end of the session.

Many studies show that this technique improves memory and learning.

The rewards can be as simple as:

  • Eat something healthy
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Take a short walk
  • Doing stretching exercises
  • Take a bath
  • Play an instrument
  • Do some physical exercises
  • Relax a few minutes in the hammock

I believe you already have good rewards in mind, don’t you?

Using this technique you will learn faster and more intelligently.

8) Focus on the process, not the result to learn faster

If you focus only on the race “you will freak out”.

Studies show that those who aim

to learn and not only score well on the test

achieve better results.

Pisicologist Carol Dweck of Stanford University claims that the student with the best grades is one who:

  • Put your focus on effort, not on results
  • Puts your focus on the process, not the reward
  • Believes that with study and commitment you can improve, even in the subjects that have more difficulty
  • Accept challenges
  • He understands that he was successful when he learned something, not only when he passed

Utilize techniques like “Learn Anything In 20 Hours By Josh Kaufman” to learn faster

It takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery in a field. But it only takes 20 hours to get good at something, if you practice intelligently.

You can learn faster anything from any new language to any new coding language by just putting 45 mins per day for 30 days straight without Quitting a single day in the middle.

Practicing intelligently is the key to learning any new skill the most effective and efficient way possible.

“20 hours isn’t that hard to accumulate. Now, there’s a method to doing this. Because it’s not like you can just start fiddling around for about 20 hours and expect these massive improvements.

There’s a way to practice intelligently. There’s a way to practice efficiently, that will make sure that you invest those 20 hours in the most effective way that you possibly can.”

These Four You Can Follow to Learn Anything in 20 Hours,

  • Deconstruct the skill:- If You want to learn anything first break it in small Part. Many of us can’t achieve a big goal because of Procrastination but we can break it Big Goals in small part and achieve it.
  • Learn Enough to Self-Correct:- Start practicing the new skill you want to learn so that you can generate feedback and start correcting yourself. You need to start to recognize what good looks like or what good feels like, so you can change your approach as necessary. This is how you will create your learning loop.
  • Remove Practice Barriers:- Get rid of whatever gets in the way of your ability and motivation to practice. Make it easier to practice, by getting rid of distractions.
  • Practice For at least 20 Hours:- It will help you to make improvement and by improving you can achieve your goals.

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