How can you prevent cognitive decline?

People from all ages can have a health brain by following certain steps. Here are some practical tips to prevent cognitive decline

  1. Get a full head massage every 5 days, using either Almond oil or Coconut Oil. Ask your mom dad to massage your head or else pay the local barber to do the same.
  2. Eat Omega 3 capsules, Milk, Amla, Chyavanprash and dry fruits daily.
  3. Increase the intake of protein in your diet. Eat eggs, Paneer, salads and lentils (prefer natural sources)
  4. Solve a Puzzles book every month. Start with basic low-level books and reach an advanced level slowly.
  5. Master one music instrument. It helps one develop a lot of new neural connections.
  6. Read new and interesting content. Install Quora, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Pinterest etc.
  7. Listen to audiobooks. Install the Audible app from play store and start listening to some of the audio of the highest rated novels. It helps one develop listening skills and new neural pathways.
  8. Apply for the Mensa membership. It will help you connect with like-minded people globally.
  9. Learn Photography, both using phone and DSLR. It will help you exercise your creative muscle.
  10. Learn a foreign language. Prefer tough languages like Russian and Mandarin, as they will force your brain to develop new neural networks. Use the Duolingo app or attend classes physically in your city.
  11. Watch world cinema – Complete IMDB 250 Challenge, Watch Top 100 documentaries and TV series.
  12. Get your body back in shape. Gain muscle mass, get six pack abs, tone down your legs and increase your physical stamina. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.
  13. Use Jealousy as a positive tool. Make a list of people you consider more intelligent than you and in which aspect. Keep your fire burning and beat such people at their own game. It will help your brain achieve mental satisfaction and peace.
  14. Learn new software skills like Python, Java and Photoshop. New skills would increase grey matter in your brain.
  15. Learn from the past. Read The Art of War.
  16. Avoid making timetables. It discourages you from trying new things and makes life mundane. Keep checklists and plan less but effectively.
  17. Learn to breathe deeply. Deep breathing leads to more oxygen supply to the brain, which means better function-ability.
  18. Attend Parties and Social events. It will help you open up and not just get confined to your own box.
  19. Learn to drive a car and bike. It will help your brain to focus and concentrate.
  20. Think about daily life problems and their solutions. Paste a white sheet in your room and write new ideas on it. It will help you become more creative.
  21. Learn to repair things by yourself. Be it repairing your phone, furniture or refrigerator. Forces the brain to think and deliver.
  22. Listen to the Top 100 Ted Talks of all Time. They will help you become more aware.
  23. If you can afford, Have a mentor and coach to guide you for anything and everything.
  24. Play mind games on Lumosity to prevent cognitive decline
  25. Prefer Offline shopping instead of online shopping. It will help you refresh your brain and also develop the art of bargaining.
  26. Build science projects like Quadcopter, Go Kart, 3D printer etc. Building such things will help you develop a technical acumen.
  27. Read voraciously. Read the Top 100 novels of all time, Best works of Fiction, Mystery and Crime novels.
  28. Build a good vocabulary. Use apps like Magoosh to learn new words. This will help you increase your retention memory.
  29. Write, Write and Write – Writing is the best exercise for your brain. It forces you to think and create new content. Definitely makes one more creative and intelligent. Open a new WordPress account and start blogging on any topic – Self Improvement, Technology, Art Craft etc.
  30. Travel whenever you get time. Travelling lets you meet different people from across the globe and learn new things from them. By the way, Travelling is the best way to learn a new foreign language quickly.
  31. Solve Rubik’s cube and newspaper crosswords. This helps stimulate neurons and improves pattern recognition.
  32. Master JEE level Physics and Mathematics. Its a fact that students who solve JEE level maths and physics problem and crack IITJEE have far better IQ and problem-solving skills compared to those who don’t do the same. Solve IE Irodov for Physics and ML Khanna for Mathematics, completely.
  33. Learn to trade in the stock market. It will help your brain get faster at mental calculations. Use
  34. Participate in Cyber Olympiads, Maths, Physics and Chemistry Olympiads, National and International level competitions and Symposiums.
  35. Make a To Do list for everything to prevent cognitive decline.
  36. Fast once every month. It will flush out toxins from your brain and body.
  37. Run in Marathons. It will help you develop Mental Stamina. If you are an Indian, then start with Marathons like ADHM and Puma Urban Stampede.
  38. Sleep for a fixed time every day. Don’t sleep for more than 7 hours. It makes the brain lethargic.
  39. Watch the videos of Navy Seals and Army training. It will help you learn key skills which let the army personnel achieve great mental stamina.
  40. Join the nearest library. It will help you change surroundings and learn from people more intelligent and knowledgeable than you.
  41. Meditate 3–4 hours a week. Use the Headspace app for guided meditation. Meditating normally is quite boring and feels useless. Use the app to the fullest as it will help you acquire a habit.
  42. Build your own startup and learn things practically to prevent cognitive decline
  43. Learn to sketch and paint. Helps a lot to develop the creative side of the brain. Keep Sunday’s specifically for sketching.
  44. Distribute your knowledge to others by teaching either offline or recording lectures and uploading them on Youtube. It forces the brain to adapt and recall previously learnt knowledge.
  45. Avoid such people who discourage you from trying new things and taking risks. Delete their contacts from your phone and flush them out of your brain.
  46. Use social media apps like FB, Instagram and Twitter to your advantage. Subscribe to the most intelligent people present on the same platform and read about their growth, innovations and success.
  47. Master the art of Karate or Kung Fu. It is a fact that Chinese Karate players have excellent focus and speed skills.
  48. Learn Vedic maths. It will help you reduce your calculation time.
  49. Start Debating. It helps one to improve their memory and cognitive skills.
  50. Most importantly – Start taking Risks. Be it small ones or big ones. Taking risks releases Dopamine in the brain , which is a feel good about yourself chemical.

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