How Can You Get Free Litecoin?

Litecoin is an open source pear-to-pear popular cryptocurrency and works on its own block chain technology same as the Bitcoin. Though few, there are ways to make free Litecoin. However, gaining free litecoin amount may not be material for the most. It is import to note that many website that offer free litcoin are not reliable. Many websites that claims to offer free cryptocurrency, is scamming visitors in some way.

Free Litecoin Websites


Litecoin Faucet

Litecoin faucet is the first and easiest way to earn free Litecoin on the list. Litecoin faucet is a website which rewards a fraction of Litecoin in terms of ‘Litoshi’. Litoshi is smallest unit of Litecoin, 1 Litecoin = 10000000 litoshi for visiting their web page and solving a captcha.

Litecoin faucet makes money by publishing the ads on their website or by Litecoin mining. But not every Litecoin faucet is legit in fact, 90% of them are scams. Most Litecoin faucets either do not pay. Even if they pay, the payment is not on time and their platform is flooded with thousands of irritating pop-up ads.


One of the legitimate way to acquire some free Litecoin is FreeHyveMining. It is attractive because it does not require signing up for an exchange or giving up your information. You can purchase mining contracts on eBay. Or you can also purchase an ASIC miner and run it yourself.

You can utilize “eBay bucks” to purchase a 1 week 1000 MH/s Litecoin mining contract from FreeHyveMining on eBay. The name sounds a bit sketchy but its feedback record 99.9% positive feedback over 1000 transactions

Free Litecoin Apps

There are also apps like “Free Litecoin” by “Bitcoin Aliens”. in the Google Play Store.

You can cash out at 100,000 Litaoshis. Although it is not hard to cash out, 1,000 free litcoin can be gained by every couple hours.

What is more, the minimum cash out amount is like a few cents.

Cash out also is every Tuesday automatically to your Litecoin Wallet.

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