Which Hollywood actors and actresses forced directors to rewrite a scene?

Some Hollywood actors and actresses can not be happy with certain scenes in a movie. Therefore, it can be seen that Hollywood actors and actresses forced the directors to rewrite a scene.

  1. British actor Natalie Dormer (Game of ThronesHunger Games) famously portrayed ill-fated Queen Anne Boleyn, the second wife of infamous King Henry VIII, in the series The Tudors, written by Michael Hirst (Elizabeth).

Dormer was interviewed after the end of her character’s arch in the second season of the show (where they chop her head so that the King can marry another woman) and spoke freely about Hirst’s work.

Hollywood actors and actresses forced directors to rewrite a scene

She admitted that, while filming the first season, she used to feel extremely uncomfortable as she was required to do scenes with a lot of explicit, male-gazed sex and nudity: it was 2007, still no #MeToo, and the series desperately needed to attract a younger audience (as period shows apparently weren’t as appealing as they are nowadays). Dormer was also very young and unexperienced and, in her own words, didn’t know how to stand up for herself whenever she didn’t want to do something.

Being a history nerd she was also fascinated to the proto-feminist figure of Anne Boleyn, her political influence and the key role she had in the English Reformation. For this reason she was quite disappointed when Hirst wrote her as this heavily sexualised wanton who just flashes her breasts and gets angry because the King doesn’t leave his aging wife for her.

After the first season, aware that if her character hadn’t been drastically changed then no one would have sympathised with her during the execution scene, she complained to Hirst about the way he had portrayed Anne and convinced him to drop the sex scenes and to focus on Anne’s real deal: the Gospel, politics and advocacy of education.

Following her advice he completely rewrote her, and you kind of see it when watching the second season.

2. Anyone remember this li’l nugget?

Hollywood actors and actresses forced directors to rewrite a scene

The lead actress is Stephanie Kramer is one the Hollywood actors and actresses that demad rewriting. The writers had already done a “woman cop gets raped” episode by season 3, and when they began to run out of idead by season 6 they wrote another. Stephanie stood her ground, though, and refused to do the scene. The director and producers finally backed off, especially when the whole cast lent Steph their support.

3. “The Simple Joys of Maidenhood” is sung by Guenevere early in the musical Camelot. She’s unhappy that because her marriage to Arthur has been arranged, she’ll lose the fun of being single. One verse:

“Shall I not be on a pedestal/worshipped and competed for/not be carried off or better still/caused a little war?”

When Vanessa Redgrave was (mis)cast as Guenevere for the movie version of Camelot, she announced that she was a pacifist and she was not going to sing a song that glorified war. Instead of firing her and hiring an actress who would follow a script, the writers came up with a new verse which eliminated any reference to war.

I’d reprint the new lyrics here, but I don’t remember them. I saw the movie only once, when it was released in 1967. I was prepared to like it because I loved the original Broadway sound track, but it was such a stinker that I’ve never watched it again.

4. Harrison Ford

Good movie. There’s a scene where Harrison Ford gets beat up and overpowered during an assassination attempt, but gets saved by campus security.

Originally, the director wanted Ford to beat up this young kid. But Harrison complained, saying there’s no way an old man like him could overpower a young 20-year old guy. So, the director agreed.

5. Brandon Lee’s death on-set led to them completely changing the entire story, using only existing footage they already had of him.

rewrite a scene

6. Caligula. Such a disgusting movie!! This turd went through several directors and it was wondered if the project would ever get fully completed. The hardcore scenes were all shot ahead of time. Bob Guccione of Penthouse did the pornographic scenes. They’re not even erotic at all!! This movie is just gross-out, from beginning to end!!!!

Excalibur — The actor playing Merlin (Nicol Williamson) and Morgana, sister of King Arthur (Helen Mirren) disliked each other greatly on set!! So they changed an end scene with them together to one of tension between the two.

Arnold on The Terminator, originally wanted to say, “I will be back.” His reasoning being, as he explained, “There’s no way a robot would be able to form contractions like that. It sounds more robotic to me.” Director James Cameron said, “Just say the fucking line like I want it!” Good thing he did!!

Rewrites are usually rare. The actor’s agent usually sends them the script first, and they read it then decide if the role is right for them. The director is just there to execute the program. The director has to be the counselor to the actors, he has to put it all together, so to speak. The director usually is just there to round off the edges of the show, make sure all the elements work well together.

7. Roseanne locked herself in her dressing room when she didn’t like the scripts during the 80s. She’d tell them the dialogue was often something a woman wouldn’t ever actually say and she wasn’t going to say it. They’d rewirite it and she’d come out.

Robert Blake crumpled up an SNL script and threw it in the writer’s face, telling him he could use it to wipe his derrière with (not how that was actually phrased, lol). It was a skit where he was supposed to be a 1950s Fonzie type of character and said eeehhh over and over. Robert was having none of that nonsense. That skit never was filmed and Robert was banned for life from hosting SNL due to his vocal discontent throughout the whole experience working on the show. TY for the A2A.

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