The practical tips to have healthy and shiny hair?

Having healthy and shiny hair is not dream to reach. Listed below are some steps you can take to have healthy, shiny hair without adding lots of products, spending so much money.

1. Having healthy and shiny hair is start with eliminating all hair damage

For healty hair eliminate all hair damages

Start your healthy and shiny hair journey by having all the split ends dusted or trimmed off on a regular basis. Ripped or split ends will cause frizz and does not look healthy.

2. Become your own hair expert

Learn everything about your hair type. Knowing factors such as cuticle shape, density, genetic predispositions are important. Your hair will respond well to the best fit products, regiments, and treatments. Less is more when you understand the needs of your hair. Identify how frequently you need to wet wash, the best cleanser and rinse out conditioners and keep your product use streamlined.

3. Identify all dangers to healthy hair and avoid them

One of the prime dangers to healthy hair is heat. That includes using steamy water, hot drying, or styling tools. Always wet wash in lukewarm water. And finish every wet wash session with a cool or cold water rinse. If you must blow-dry, use the slowest and coolest setting. Finish with a blast of cold air to close the cuticles. Blow-dry hair by directing airflow from the roots down to the ends. This encourages natural shine.

4. Avoid chemicals to ensure healthy and shiny hair

Having healthy and shiny hair
Avoid Chemicals for Healty Hair

Whether you use bleach, chemical relaxers, straighteners, or similar, any type of treatment that opens the cuticle will create potential damage. Chemical treatments also tend to make the hair drier. Dry or damaged hair tends to be dull. It is less likely to have a natural shine.

5. Fine-tune your lifestyle

Hair damage can also occur from everyday lifestyle habits. Exposing our hair to sun, wind or other environmental toxins are important to consider. Wearing clothing with high collars or rough fabrics can make contact with your hair and over time, cause breakage. Keep your hair properly detangled to avoid unnecessary formation of knots and tangles. Sleep on silk or satin pillowcases to keep hair from becoming damaged while sleeping.

6. Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water

Healthy hair like healthy leaves on a tree originates with your nutritional and hydration habits.

7. Get plenty of rest, sleep and manage stress

Studies have shown that lack of sleep and high stress can trigger hair shedding. Known your own body and what it needs to thrive.

8. Wear hairstyles that encourage light to collect on your strands

Having healthy and shiny hair

When hair is healthy, free of splits, and worn to honor the natural cuticle formation, it will tend to shine. If you want to add a little shine without adding a lot of products, take 1 drop of jojoba oil, massage it into your fingertips or palms of your hands and lightly brush over the top of your hairstyle. You will add both natural protection and encourage shine.

9. Be realistic about your hair expectations

The high-velocity shine you might see on hair commercials is more often staged than the result of natural hair shine. Although the companies won’t necessarily reveal their secrets, models with super shiny hair on television or in magazines have had tons of products applied to their hair for that shimmer. They also have special lighting. Be realistic about your hair and what is possible.

Treat your hair like a very rare jewel. Pamper it, protect it from any danger such as chemicals, hot water, or hot tool use and always think about ways to keep it healthy and happy. The hair you wear is a direct reflection of what you put into your body and how you live your life. Yes, it is definitely possible to have healthy and shiny hair without using a lot of products.

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