What are the creative techniques to find a good domain name?

domain name is like your physical address. It helps people find you out there on the World Wide Web. Coming up with a memorable and good domain name can become quite a challenge especially as your domain name may become your brand name in the future.

Make it easy to pronounce and spell

A lot of recommendations go by word-of-mouth, so it is important for your name to be easily pronounced. Avoid any names that are difficult to spell or may be confused with other words. This could drive your customers to a different website and drive traffic away from your product. Double letters can also be confusing (for example kaylassandwiches).

  • Avoid nontraditional spelling

This is usually used if the standard spelling of your domain name is taken. Unfortunately, many visitors may not remember the different spelling and end up on a different website. Do not misspell words as this can cause your site to look suspicious to visitors.

  • Try a catchy phrase

A good domain name should be memorable. Avoid any phrases or words that could limit your product variety and will limit your growth if you decide to expand.

Jeff Bezos started his company while selling only books, but imagine it was called something like BooksForYou instead of Amazon. It would not convey the whole diversity of the products he sells now.

  • Shorter is better when it comes to domains

Shorter domain names are easier to read and are more likely to “stick” in someone’s head. Short domain names are also more brandable and visually appealing. A shorter domain also reduces the chances of it being misspelled by your visitors.

  • Make it brandable

You will probably want to use the same name for social branding across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms, so your clients can locate you easier. Make sure the name represents what you do, yet avoid very exact words that can limit your brand in the future.

  • Avoid hyphens ( – )

When using hyphens, you risk experiencing recall issues as most users are used to domains without hyphens.

  • Try a less-popular TLD

TLD stands for ‘top-level domain’, and it’s used to refer to the last part of a web address after the final dot. New domain TLD’s are entering the market regularly. If your wanted domain name is taken in the usual .com, try using a domain checker such as this one: Domain Checker | Search, Find and Buy Domain Name Instantly, where you will also get suggestions for similar domain names and TLD’s if the one you initially wanted is taken.

For example:


So why not try out a less common TLD?

  • Modify the domain name you initially decided on

If your preferred domain of choice is taken and you still want to stick with a more common TLD, try modifying your domain name.

You can use acronyms, keywords that help describe your product or brand goal.

Now that you have a short guide, start brainstorming, and I wish you the best of luck choosing a domain name to represent your product!