The Fashion Icon That Changed the World: Mary Quant

Born in 1934, Mary Quant was the fashion designer responsible for the “London Look” of the 60’s. She was the inventor of the min-skirt and hot pants. Quant summarized the fashion of the 60’s as “arrogant, aggressive and sexy.”

Although it is said that she was influenced by Andre Courreges, she is the person who dresses the mini skirt to women. Mary quant was famous not only for her miniskirt but also for her hair designs and cosmetics. In the 1960s, Young girls cut their hair like her, wore a mini skirt and made up like her famous model twiggy.

Mary Quant is the best person to reflect the roaring social change Londra of the 1960s to fashion. She can be also considered as the owner of the mod style whose fame has spread to all the world in 1960s. In the early 1970s, Quant stopped manufacturing but continued to design clothing, furs, lingerie, household linens, and eyeglass frames. She also continued to direct the cosmetics business that she had started in 1955 until its sale in 2000

In the end, The British has understood the value of this cultural icon, the conversations with her nowadays are so popular. Her mini-skirts and cart-colored shiny raincoats are exhibited in very stylish museums. Quants’ works has became one of most important cornerstones to comprehend 1960s’ glamorous young spirit of the Mod style.

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