Does the fat loss extreme program really work?

Whether fat loss extreme program really work is a hot debate on the internet. Here a good personal experince about fat loss extreme program.

You’re in the same “club” whether you got stuck in the college 15 hole, ate too much fast food, or lost your footing in your prior training regimen.

You, like 49.3 percent of all people in the United States, want to see that number on the scale drop.

Perhaps you’re “cutting” for a summer vacation (low-hanging beer belly and shorts aren’t exactly confidence-inducing). Alternatively, you may wish to display a year’s worth of bulk gains by shedding fat rapidly.

In any case, you may have heard about the V Shred Fat Reduction Extreme Program (for Him) and thought to yourself, “Twenty to fifty pounds of weight loss sounds fantastic.” Is it, however, effective? “Does V Shred work?”

Before you continue reading, I’d want to say…

What’s up, how’s it going? Kyle, the creator of Noob Gains, is calling.

I wanted to step in before you got too far in… to essentially ruin this review for you

To cut a long tale short, we give V Shred’s Fat Loss Extreme for Him a 6 out of 10 ratings.

That isn’t ideal.

We were astounded as well. V Shred is one of the most popular fitness companies, with one of the most popular plans, yet it falls short of our top recommendation.

That’s why if you want to have a slim, strong figure that commands attention…

Without exercising more than three times a week…

Without eating 5-6 little meals throughout the day…

All while chowing down on your favorite meals…

Before you start Fat Loss Extreme, you should check out Fit Mole’s Superhero X12.

How to Get a Superhero Body Without fat loss extreme program

It’s not simple to become in shape. This method, on the other hand, teaches you how to create a leaner, more muscular physique without worrying over fitness 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Yes, supplements have their place,” I’ll admit, “and some of them (like creatine) has been well researched and shown to improve muscle development and fat reduction.”

Supplements such as test boosters, HGH boosters, and fat burners, on the other hand, show little proof of altering your body.

V Shred’s program extensively advertises these pricey goods, which raises a red signal.

Yes, there is still a brief supplement guide included in case you’re interested in learning how to improve your training and recuperation.

However, the founder, Keith Lai, is often preaching about how supplements are usually unneeded and that you can get by just fine without them.

And SX12 demonstrates how!

Second, V Shred’s approach can’t possibly be so effective without any macronutrient recommendations, particularly for protein!

Have you ever heard of a workout program that didn’t include instructions on how much protein to consume?

That’s right, you’ve got it now! And we believe that’s just insane!

Protein is the MOST IMPORTANT macronutrient for developing new muscle tissue, yet Fat Loss Extreme doesn’t even specify HOW MUCH you should consume until AFTER the 90 days have passed.

Superhero X12, on the other hand, includes a complete calorie and macro analysis of exactly what you need to consume to gain muscle.

Calories \sProtein \sCarbs \sFats

It’s all taken care of. And the best part is that you may eat whatever you want as long as it falls within your dietary goals.

Yes, you may have a slice of cake every day if you like! It’s still possible to decrease body fat!

Isn’t it crazy?!

Finally, Fat Loss Extreme’s major claim is that you’ll lose 20-50 pounds in 90 days, which is on the verge of becoming a crash diet.

Everyone I know WISHES to shed this much weight.

However, given that the typical individual can safely drop 1-2 pounds each week, the range is more like 12-24 pounds.

“Can I lose 1-2 pounds each week?” Ugh. That’s ridiculously slow!!”

Yes, we understand. That appears to be a sluggish pace.

But here’s the thing: you don’t want a strategy that just works for 90 days.

What you want is a fat-burning method that works indefinitely.

Unlike crash diets, Superhero X12 is a long-term approach for transforming your body using techniques you can stick to for as long as you desire.

Exercising is both efficient and motivating.

Dieting is simple when you can include your favorite foods.

When you contemplate reducing 1-2 pounds every week for months or even years, it seems fantastic.

These are some of the reasons why we believe Superhero X12 is a better fit than V Shred’s Fat Loss Extreme.

By focusing on good exercise and an adequate diet, you may save money on needless supplements.

Get rid of the guesswork by knowing exactly what you need to eat to lose weight (while still enjoying your favorite foods!)

Use fat-loss strategies that have been proved to work for you for the rest of your life (and not burn you out after 90 days)

What is the purpose of the V Shred Fat Loss Extreme Program?

The V Shred Fat Loss Intense Program and App is an extreme fat loss program for males (there’s also a girls version) who want to lose 20-50 pounds in the next 90 days.

Whether your gym membership is a few hours old or you’re a frequent flier at your local Gold’s, this 100% digital 12-week program promises to scorch fat at monstrous levels. Vince Sant, the co-founder of V Shred, claims honest results and backs up his approach with a money-back guarantee.

If you’re still undecided about clicking “Add to Cart,” have a look at this:

Workouts should not last more than 45 minutes.

The desired “Afterburn Effect” promotes fat loss all the time, not just when you’re on the treadmill.

It combines a nutrition plan, traditional weightlifting, supplements, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

The meal plan has a weekly limit of $50. (to effectively keep costs down).

To avoid boredom, the entire strategy is planned to be varied.

At the time of writing, V Shred’s Fat Loss Extreme for Him is available for $47. To be honest, considering all that is included, the price does not appear to be too high.

The ultimate claim of fat reduction of 20-50 pounds seems a little, well, excessive. If you’re wary of the gimmicks, the following part will walk you through the whole V Shred program (and address the question, “Is this promise realistic?”).

Is V Shred Any Good? The Truth About V Shred Fat Loss Extreme Program

The V Shred Fat Loss Extreme app isn’t ideal, and there’s space for development (more on that later). Having stated that, the V Shred portal is one of the most user-friendly!

Let’s get started; here’s what you should know about Fat Loss Extreme:

The first step is to join a private Facebook group.

When you first visit the V Shred Fat Loss Extreme website, you’ll see a video describing how the program works (starring none other than Vince Sant). His initial recommendation — and the first step — appears to be a little bold: join the secret Facebook group!

Now, if a Facebook group with over 216,000 members gives you the creeps (notifications aplenty, lost posts, etc. ), know that this step isn’t going to make or break your 40-pound fat loss.

However, while it is completely optional, it does offer several advantages, such as:

A support system that is similar to that of a community (ask questions, receive answers, see results)

Each week, a V Shred trainer offers guidance in five “Lives.”

Contests, discounts, and special offers are presented regularly.

Approximately sixty posts each day (not too many to sort through)

However, the organization does establish a few ground rules. You’d probably get kicked out if you wanted to post non-training memes or talk politics.

There’s also a warning that says V Shred can take whatever you publish in the group. Don’t publish your results, comments, or testimonials if you don’t want them to appear on the V Shred website or in a digital advertisement.

Step 2: Extreme Meal Plan for Fat Loss

If you’re not fuelling your body for weight reduction, no number of treadmill sprints, meandering five-mile runs, or medicine ball smashes will help. This, according to Vince Sant, is the most crucial aspect of the entire Fat Loss Extreme Program.

Two buttons may be found in step two:

Make a 90-day diet plan.

The apps Create Your 90-Day Diet Plan feature provides your comprehensive nutritional guidance for the next 90 days.

It all starts with a “calorie calculator,” albeit the calculator, in this case, is you (unlike the real one you get with Superhero X12). On a chart, you’ll locate your height, weight, and age — each of which is assigned a number from 0 to 4 — and add them together.

You’ll use this figure to calculate your daily suggested calorie intake at the bottom of the chart.

For example, if you’re 21 years old, weigh 200 pounds, and stand 6-feet tall, you’ll be OK if you remain between the 2,400 to 2,699 calorie range.

This is a double-whammy of red flags, and we’re thinking the same thing:

This calorie “calculator” does not appear to be a scientific approach, especially in a weight-loss regimen that promises results. If you want a more precise calorie estimate for weight reduction, you should use the National Institutes of Health’s Body Weight Planner.

You’ll also note early on that macronutrients don’t appear to matter. This is a recurring theme throughout the show (well, at least during the 90 days). This V Shred program, which is half of a balanced diet, makes no mention of carbohydrates, proteins, or fats (calories being the other half).

The Menu for the Week fat loss extreme program

The weekly menu part appears to be fantastic (at least from a first glance perspective). It divides all of your food choices into five meals for your diet plan, with ten alternatives for each, such as:

Breakfast is an important meal for everyone (Grilled Avo & Eggs)

Snack in the Middle of the Morning (Strawberry Greens Smoothie)

Lunch will be served (Chicken and Avocado Burrito)

Snack in the Middle of the Day (Matcha Bliss Bites)

Dinner is served (Turkey and Zucchini Meatballs)

If the term “matcha bliss bites” piques your interest, you may access the recipe by clicking on it. There, you’ll discover the exact ingredients you’ll need (with measurements), as well as a step-by-step tutorial for making it and nutritional information per serving.

If making decisions isn’t your thing, there’s also a week-long example meal.

The convenience, however, abruptly ends at this point. Planning a day’s worth of meals is more of a puzzle than anything else because you have a certain calorie range in mind.

You’ll have to mix and match meals in the hopes of staying under your calorie budget. If they don’t, there’s no instruction on how to make up the difference (are more snacks or meals acceptable?).

A tremendous chance was squandered.

Substitutions for fat loss extreme program

You’ll discover a meal replacements tab around halfway through this section with some helpful hints.

You have the option to personalize your recipes in addition to defining what qualifies as a portion for veggies, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and more (ex: 1 cup of kale, eight big asparagus spears). If you want to spice things up, replace the lentils with chickpeas (especially by the 90-day mark).

If you’re sensitive to specific substances or traveling, it’s also a lifesaver (literally).

The only issue is that while this part is meant to be color-coded, all replacements have a blue bullet point next to them (is that the color-coding?).

In this module, you’ll also find the following:

With a few finishing touches, this indispensable handbook comes to a close.

It specifies what kind of cookware you’ll need to make these dishes. Hopefully, you have a well-stocked kitchen because you will require rice cookers, wooden spoons, and everything else!

If you want to cut your cooking time in half, there’s also a quick meal prep section with some ideas on how to meal prep like the professionals.

Then there’s a supplement area, which seems redundant given that there’s already a single supplement part. It suggests a few supplements, however, the suggestions are worded unusually (for the HGH booster, it says a deficiency can make you bald and overweight).

More than instilling dread, suggesting its benefits in connection to your fat-burning objective may persuade you to try it. It has a “use XYZ or else” sense to it, which doesn’t seem like a fair approach for newcomers.

After 90 Days

Once those 90 days come and go, you’re technically at the end of the Fat Loss Extreme Program. But if you’re still seeing success, the “After 90 Days” section is for you.

There, you’ll find two “Advanced Dieting” guides in PDF form:

Flex Dieting

This 18-page guide does what the original fat loss extreme meal plan doesn’t: discusses macronutrients. While emphasizing the IIFYM (if it fits your macros) mentality, you’ll learn about how to calculate your BMR, TDEE, and true caloric needs.

This is good information and, oddly, it wasn’t mentioned sooner. It’s essentially a brief nutrition guide detailing everything from omega 3 benefits to the best sources for lean protein for your diet plan.

Carb Cycling (aka Metabolic Confusion)

This 9-page overview details the ever-popular carb cycling trend. V Shred often refers to this tactic as metabolic confusion.

In short, this strategy will throw your metabolism hormones for a loop with greater stimulation, encouraging greater fat burning.

Over the week, your carb intake might look like this:

Day 1: 0 grams
Day 2: 125 grams
Day 3: 250 grams
Day 4: 0 grams
Day 5: 0 grams
Day 6: 125 grams
Day 7: 250 grams
If carb cycling is new ground for you, this guide will teach you the ins and outs. You’ll learn all about calculating your carb needs, how to read nutrition labels, and using a scale to weigh foods for your meal plan.

Sample Meal Plans

After you finish the full, 90-day program, V Shred also offers six meal plans that’ll come in handy. That includes two carb cycling, two flexible dieting, and two vegetarian diet plans (referenced above).

Each one has an attached 12-page PDF walking you through a seven-day eating plan. Where the regular V SHred Fat Loss Extreme Program meal plan was quite vague, this one is exceptionally detailed (down to the time you should eat and the macro content of each meal).

At the end of each guide, you’ll also find a grocery shopping list (including quantity and which aisle you might find it in) and a portion control guide. But the references are a little unorthodox: computer mouse, stacked dice, CD, poker chip, etc.

In all honesty, these sample plans are better laid out than the real 90-day plan.

V Shred Testimonials & Success Stories

Vince Sant proudly asserts V Shred as the “fastest-growing fitness, nutrition, and supplement brand in the world.” But the proof is in the low-fat, sugar-free, plant-based pudding.

However controversial V Shred is amongst fitness enthusiasts (we’ll get to that in a moment), there do appear to be plenty of testimonials raving about the program.

We’ve compiled a list of them below:

One lost 44 pounds and built up the confidence to change careers, quit a “toxic” job, and completely revitalize their mental health.
Another dropped a startling 70 pounds in seven months, losing the first 35 within the first 30 days of the program.
A third ditched obsessive cardio routines that never worked and shed five pounds of pure fat within the first month on V Shred.
Those three stories alone would be enough to make anyone tired of dead-end programs whip out their credit cards and make the switch.

So what’s the catch?

The answer: V Shred — more particularly, “Vince Sant” — is regarded as a phony or fraud by some of the biggest names in fitness, including Greg Doucette and Scott Herman.

The digital uproar includes claims that that V Shred:

Steals content from other channels to pass off as their own
Offers borderline dangerous advice
Promises to have the “secret” to fat loss
Rids all negative comments to keep a crystal clear reputation
In general, V Shred carries plenty of potential for those struggling to lose weight or commit to a program. But from the moral and ethical perspective, V Shred is quite disappointing.

V Shred vs Beachbody’s P90X

Are you hoping to kickstart a fat loss program after years of yo-yo dieting or declining motivation? Or did you have an all-around aesthetic physique in mind?

Hold on, Speed Racer; before we jump into which routine is better for which goal, here are the similarities between V Shred and Beachbody’s P90X:

Success stories: Those satisfied with V Shred often report dropping 15–20 pounds by the end of the three-month program (which does fall short of the 20–50-pound hype). Meanwhile, the P90X crowd boasts even more dramatic weight loss — including one testimonial of a guy dropping 185 pounds in 13 months — and extra lean mass!
Decent meal suggestions: V Shred almost completely disregards macros in its diet plan, but its sample menu — which includes delicious-sounding dishes like matcha bliss bites — makes meal prep relatively simple. P90X also has an impressive collection of healthy recipes — and a more accurate calorie calculator — in its 126-page guide.
A considerable time commitment: V Shred calls for five sub-45-minute training sessions per week, including HIIT, circuit training, and traditional weightlifting. P90X is even more time-intensive, with six 45–90-minute workouts per week.
Now, for where the two routines differ:

Workout variety: V Shred’s HIIT, core, and upper/lower-body workouts can help you drop a few pounds and build lean mass. But while there’s some exercise and rep variety from week to week, some would call V Shred “basic.” P90X, on the other hand, cycles through 12 unique workouts, including shoulders & arms workouts, plyometric training, and even a 92-minute yoga session.
Public reputation: V Shred is widely regarded as a disgrace amongst those passionate about fitness, though many success stories are floating around. But P90X is still one of the most popular, most effective training programs for 15+ years now.
Difficulty: Vince Sant’s program is far more beginner-friendly than P90X, using simple terminology, an easy-to-follow training routine, and reasonable-length workouts. P90X isn’t the anyone-can-do-it program Tony Horton advertises it as, and if you can’t pass the Fit Test, you probably aren’t ready to tackle this legendary program.
So which one is better?

V Shred is better if your #1 goal is weight loss and you’re a complete newbie.

P90X is a much more logical choice for intermediate athletes wanting to do it all — build muscle and torch fat — with more in-depth training materials and greater workout variety.

V Shred vs Keto fat loss extreme program

If you want to burn fat, lower your risk of developing chronic diseases, and drop from an XXL to an L, is V Shred or keto better? Or are both equally effective when chasing weight loss?

Before we choose a clear winner, let’s discuss what V Shred and keto have in common:

Weight loss potential: The V Shred program and the keto diet are vastly different, but you can lose weight with both if you can maintain them. Many V Shred users dip 15–20 pounds in 90 days, while keto-followers may drop a little extra — 20–25 pounds.
Healthy food suggestions: V Shred’s nutrition plan is missing an accurate calorie calculator and any real macro suggestions. But its food suggestions and substitutions are healthy, including healthy fats, vegetables, and lean protein. The keto diet suggests similar nutrient-dense low-carb, high-protein foods like fish, avocados, and eggs.
Now, here’s a closer look at what separates these two weight loss methods:

Cost: No diet is free, but you’ll find everything you need to know about keto for FREE in just about every corner on the internet. The V Shred diet will likely cost you <$50 a week in groceries, though you still have to splurge on the V Shred program.
Dietary logic: The V Shred dietary approach isn’t as macro-based as it is creating a caloric deficit to trigger weight loss. Meanwhile, the keto diet relies on a low-carb foundation, switching the body into a state of “ketosis” to burn fat for energy without strict calorie limitations.
Sustainability: You’ll likely become bored quite quickly when following the V Shred meal plan’s ten meals, but the logic is sound and will follow you well after the program ends — eat healthy foods. There’s very little evidence that the benefits of keto last long-term, and the low-carb, high-fat strategy might be unsustainable or even unsafe in the long run.
So which do we suggest?

Try keto if you want to lose 20 pounds in about three months without touching a single weight or treadmill. Just don’t expect keto to be a permanent solution to weight loss.

V Shred is a better choice for newbies hoping to lose weight, improve their physique, and make strides in their overall health.

V Shred vs Noom

It’s impossible to channel surf without stumbling upon a Noom commercial. But if you want to lose weight without crash dieting and with lifelong dietary changes, is V Shred or Noom better?

Before we get to that, we should point out that Noom and V Shred have a bit in common, like:

Potential to shed pounds: Many users report weight loss success with both V Shred and Noom. If you stick to V Shred, 77.9% of Noom followers might lose about 5–10 pounds a month. About lost weight with the help of the app, with 1–2 pounds lost per week being about “average.”
Group support: V Shred hosts an exclusive Facebook group for anyone investing in the program, though, with over 200,000 members, the place could feel a bit crowded. No offers their version of group support, too, where users can interact with fellow members, ask questions, and offer words of encouragement.
But they’re also quite different in these areas:

Approach: V Shred tackles weight loss goals from three angles: diet, exercise, and supplements. Meanwhile, the Noom creators describe the app as having a “psychology-based” approach that’ll help you develop healthier eating habits with a diet plan personalized just for you.
Cost: V Shred typically comes with a one-time purchase somewhere in the $40–$100 ballpark. Noom offers a free one-week trial for new users, but after that, expect to pay about $59 per month for your subscription (or less for long-term subscriptions).
Calorie recommendations: V Shred’s calorie recommendations are far from scientific, instead of asking you to calculate your intake based on a silly-looking chart, though it does take into account your age, height, and weight. Noom, on the other hand, typically suggests 1,200 daily calories for women and 1,400 for men — which isn’t too sustainable long-term.
But which one would we recommend?

If you’re hoping to lose weight from every imaginable angle without dumping $59 a month into an app subscription, V Shred is the winner, hands-down.

But Noom is best if unhealthy eating habits are your vice, and you’d like to discover why with a bit of psychological intervention.

V Shred vs Freeletics

Freeletics is yet another program with a stranglehold on the airwaves. But are these individualized training plans any better than V Shred for weight loss and all-around health?

V Shred and Freeletics aren’t all that different after all, with similarities including:

Weight loss: The V Shred program is certainly capable of moderate weight loss, though the promise of up to 50 pounds shed in 90 days is both unsafe and unrealistic. Freeletics’ cardio-heavy — particularly in the Bodyweight and Running programs — can help you lose weight with exercise alone (subscriptions come with nutrition coaching).
Improved athleticism: Weight loss might be your #1 goal, but either program can help you become a better athlete as well … V Shred through the core, HIIT, and weight training workouts and Freeletics via your program of choice (i.e., strength, gains, fat burn).
But if you want to know where their differences lie, read this:

Personalized fitness goals: With V Shred, there are a few opportunities to customize your routine. For example, your calorie count will depend on factors like your height, and you can choose between gym and home workouts. But Freeletics is more tailored to you, supporting custom meal plans and training journeys to hit your goals.
Payment type: V Shred comes with a one-time payment that’s typically <$99. Meanwhile, the Freeletics app requires monthly fees that average out to about $11.99 per month or less than $80 for the entire year.
Equipment requirements: Vince Sant’s “Follow Along” workouts require very little — if any — equipment and are doable at home, but you’ll need a gym membership to maximize the gym workouts. Many Freeletics programs require just your body weight.
But which do we think is best?

V Shred is a better choice if you appreciate a consistent training schedule, don’t want the hassle of monthly fees, and have a gym membership.

However, Freeletics is far better if you want a program custom-tailored to your goals, if you’re low on equipment, or if you travel quite a bit.

V Shred vs The Body Coach

The Body Coach puts an interesting and surprisingly modern spin on losing weight on getting in shape. But when pitted against V Shred, how does it compare?

The similarities between V Shred and The Body Coach include:

Online support groups: If you ever hit a plateau, get clarification, or ask for advice, both V Shred and The Body Coach have Facebook groups you can join.
Five workouts per week: Though The Body Coach’s training sessions are more HIIT and jump-intensive than V Shred’s, you’ll train five days a week with both programs.
Multiple approaches: Long-term weight loss requires several angles. Both The Body Coach and V Shred include nutrition and exercise to help you make progress toward your weight loss and physique goals.
But they’re also quite different in the following areas:

Custom-tailored plans: V Shred offers a little room for customization (i.e., home vs. gym workouts, HIIT style, etc.). The Body Coach claims to tailor the program’s exercise routines and meal plans around your goals, but users dispute this. You’ll likely experience the same workouts and dietary suggestions, no matter how much you weigh.
Live workouts: V Shred is the run-of-the-mill training program that requires you to find time in your busy schedule to train and meal prep. The Body Coach hosts live weekly workouts so that you can train along with Joe — the creator.
Now, if you had to choose between V Shred and The Body Coach, which is best?

V Shred is best if you prefer more traditional routines and some variety in training style.

The Body Coach is a better choice if you enjoy the camaraderie of training alongside your fellow users — at a distance, of course — and don’t mind a standardized program for all members.

6 V Shred Pros

You can run this program via the V Shred web portal or the mobile app (available on both Android and Apple devices). There’s no need to waltz into the gym carrying a clunky notebook and a pencil.
The routine incorporates high-intensity interval training at least twice a week. 2019 study found that HIIT can cut absolute fat mass 28.5% more than standard cardio (in line with this program’s end goal).
If you’re not impressed with your results, you can ask for a money-back guarantee.
V Shred doesn’t leave you hanging. By joining the Facebook group, you have a support community with thousands of fellow trainees and regular Lives to answer your questions.
You can’t beat the HIIT variety and choice between at-home and gym workouts.
Bodyweight or functional training has a reputation for cutting body fat (-6.5%), improving oxygen consumption (+12%), and 100% enjoyment among participants, according to a 2018 study.
4 V Shred Cons

Because there are only ten dishes available for each meal, you’ll probably become bored before the 90-day program finally ends. Ironically, this goes directly against V Shred’s promise to make nutrition tasty.
Supplements as a whole aren’t recommended; specific products are. The entire supplement section can feel like an advertisement in disguise.
There’s no focus on macronutrients until you finish the original 90 days. To make matters a little sketchier, the calorie “calculator” seems a little random. Because this is a weight loss plan where every calorie and gram matters, these two aspects practically defeat the entire nutritional aspect.
The fast weight loss might feel amazing, but dropping it so quickly might not be a long-term solution, especially if you return to old habits.
Another drawback is it’s almost the same program as V Shred’s Ripped in 90 Days program.

V Shred Fat Loss Extreme Review: Is It Effective?

The V Shred Fat Loss Extreme Program can be a worthwhile launchpad if you’re fresh on the fitness and weight loss scene. But does the program work as described?

That’s a toughie.

There’s no doubt that HIIT, weightlifting, and circuit training add some variety to your routine and keep it fresh. Or that this convenient digital program can help you lose at least a few pounds.

But it’s a far cry from “perfect” in nearly every category.

Shredding 20-50 pounds in 90 days is a little extreme (and by extreme, we mean beyond the 1-2 weekly pounds the CDC recommends). The meal plan is bland and narrow, the supplement section seems a little shady, and macronutrients don’t seem to matter.

If you’re starting from zero and follow this program to a T, you’ll almost certainly shed some weight. Just don’t count on the miracle 20-50 pounds V Shred advertises.

If you want to read more check out noobgains. Do you want to lose weight safely? Try now Keto Meals and here are 21 Keto Meals Recipes for free.


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