Distance Education Products Should Be Found in Every Home

Distance education

Socio-economic level, immigration, physical barriers, and sometimes even gender can be an obstacle to education. Distance education , which has become widespread with the developments in internet technologies, is effective in eliminating the inequality of opportunity in education caused by all these problems. Technology, whose accessibility has increased recently, enables education to be taken independently of time and place. So, what technologies can be used for distance education? The answer to the problem is in our blog post.

Distance education accelerates the learning process in many subjects from foreign languages ​​to vocational training, personal development to artistic activities. With the effect of the Coronavirus Pandemic that the whole world is struggling with, the rate of distance education is increasing. Here are the technologies that can be used in Remote education:

1. Computer and tablet for distance education

remote materials

Students use computers for various needs such as accessing the internet, doing homework easily, preparing presentations and making drawings. Notebook computers are portable, making students’ lives easier. Especially children can develop their researcher spirit and digital literacy skills by doing research on the computer. Tablet computers, which are used as supportive materials for learning especially in the preschool period, are also effective in increasing the motivation of children.

2. Printers can be life savings for remote education

Distance education materials

While working, students can access a lot of information in a short time on the internet. Those who want to keep the information regularly in a way that can be accessed at any time need a printer.

3. Noise canceling headphones can increase focus in distance education

Distance education

Headset models with noise canceling features are among the technologies that can be used in distance education. While working remotely can be beneficial for students, it may also cause difficulty of focusing in the home environment. Headphones with noise canceling feature eliminate this problem. Active noise canceling headphones enable the elimination of psychologically disturbing auditory stimuli such as vehicle horns and the sounds of people in the house.

4. Smart Desk Lamp matters for distance education

remote education

Students can study longer hours especially during the exam periods. Students who want to continue their studies at night can work efficiently with smart table lamps. These products provide different lighting modes such as reading mode and PC mode, whose brightness can be adjusted and can be controlled from a smart phone.

5. The computer chair

Students can stay in front of the computer for a long time during their distance education. Sitting on the wrong seat can cause posture disorders, back and neck pain, and even spine diseases. Computer chairs designed for gamers or those working at computers for long hours. Many features such as height adjustment and ergonomic back support make working efficiently possible.

6. Webcam

Distance education institutions communicate via webcam . Webcam models, which are indispensable for video conferences, provide audio transmission without the need for a microphone. Models that are connected with a USB cable and can be controlled with a remote provide a great advantage in education.

7. Graphics tablet

It is a life saving products especially for those who work as graphic artists and take graphic design lessons. Graphics tablets, which are used professionally in many areas from 3D modeling to character design or series and movie concept design , positively affect working performance.

8.Laptop stand/tables

Laptops, which have become a part of students’ lives, can be used more comfortably thanks to laptop stands. The laptop stand models have different customizable features such as cooler, height-adjustable feature or foldable. Laptop stands, which can be used while sitting on the sofa or lying on the bed with different designs, enable the computer to be used for a long time without harming health.

9. Mobile applications

Among the technologies that can be used in distance education are, of course, smart phones and their mobile applications. These programs can be easily downloaded to these phones for paid or free. evernote, slides, mystudylife, slack, chegg are some examples that can be utilized.

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