The difference between Xiaomi Air Purifier 2H and 3H(2022)?

Xiaomi air purifier can remove up to 99 percent of airborne bacteria. The devices filter small airborne particles like pollen, spores and other bacteria float around in the air. Especially during winter, air purifiers with a HEPA air filter can be effective. Xiaomi air purifier is one of the most searched brands on internet. Thus, many wonder differences of xiaomi air purifier models especially between 3H and 2h. (updated)

There are many difference between The xiaomi air purifiers 2H and 3H. Main differences of xiaomi air purifiers are in weight, purification performance, design. They also differ in air circuit systems, built in sensors, capability with third party ai backed devices.

1. Xiaomi Air Purifier 3H and Xiaomi Air Purifier 2H have similar dimensions and The 3H is little lighter in terms of weight.

2h vs 3h

The two devices hardly differ in size and weight. Both devices measure 24x24x52cm and are therefore the same size.

The only difference here is in the weight.  The 2H weighs 5.2kg and thus 500g less than the 3H model.

I think the weight is insignificant because both devices are on the floor. An important distinguishing feature would be a difference in size. However, it does not exist between the devices.

2.Mi Air Purifier 3H is more effective in purification

2h vs 3h

The CADR value of the particulate matter in Mi Air Purifier 2H was 260m3/h, which was already rare in the empty structure of the same volume, while the CADR value of Mi Air Purifier 3H reached 380m3/h. Therefore, the purification efficiency is increased by 32%, challenging the performance limit of the tower design.

In the applicable area, the maximum applicable area of Mi Air Purifier 2H is about 18m2 ~ 31m2. On the other hand, the maximum operating area of Mi Air Purifier 3H has reached 45 ㎡. This means that the Mi Air Purifier 3H can be used in larger rooms.

3.The display is optimized in Air Purifer 3H

2h vs 3h

Air Purifier 3H devices have a touch OLED display which is similar to its app. The display gives you constant information about temperature, humidity and general air quality. Mi Air Purifier 2H has a relatively simple indicator, the information indication module is more scattered and hard to trace.

2h vs 3h

4. In Third Party Control, Mi Air Purifier 3H has AI ​​voice recognition

Mi Air Purifier 3H comply with Alexa

Both devices can also be integrated into a Google or Alexa system.

The difference between the two devices lies in the AI ​​voice control. Mi Air Purifier 3H model has this feature. Hence It can be controlled by voice recognition.

The 2H model only has control options via app, on the device itself or through Alexa / Google.

5. The sensor is optimized

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H  with a high-precision laser PM sensor

The Mi Air Purifier 3H comes with a high-precision laser PM sensor. Firstly, It detects microscopic particulates of 0.3 μ m in size. Secondly, the sensor reports changes in room air quality in real time.

In auto mode, the purifier adjusts proactively for better cleaning. The Mi Air Purifier 2H uses Shinyei (Japan) particle sensor(an infrared sensor). It is not effective as The 3H model has.

6. Air circuit system is optimized in Mi Air Purifier 3H

Air circuit system is optimized in Mi Air Purifier 3H /

The purification power of The Mi Air Purifier 3H comes from the optimization of air circuit system.

The Mi Air Purifier 2H had eddy fan and mixed flow fan. But Mi Air Purifier 3H adopts backward tilting centrifugal fan. Therefore, The 3H model can increase the airflow to 6660 L/m.

After polishing the inner wall of the pressurized air duct, the wind resistance is lower. But the wind force is stronger. Also, the airflow sound is reduced. What is more, the maximum operating noise is further reduced to 64db.

On the other hand, top outlet grid area of air purifier 3H has been expanded. It can quickly and evenly transport airflow.

Compared with Mi Air Purifier 2H, the intake hole area of the lower half of the fuselage of Mi Air Purifier 3H has also been expanded. Therefore, Its air intake volume has been significantly improved.

7.Mi Air Purifier 2H is quieter

Xiaomi claims air purifier 2H produces noise as low as 30db in Night mode. Test result is given by xiaomi inc itself. However, in sleep mode, Mi Air Purifier 3H has a noise level of 32dB. The Data comes from China Testing & Inspection Institute for Household Electric Appliances Inspection Report.

For further information, you may check xiaomi website 3H2H

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