Covid-19, Safer Indoors Possible?

Now we have all learned that the corona virus can stick to any surface and stay alive for hours. The virus can live including our clothes, even our face and hair. So what should we do not to endanger our-self as well as our loved ones? Is safer indoor possible from covid-19 ? Here a practical list to ensure hygiene in the home due to the Corona virus.

Ventilate The Clothing

After coming from outside, coats or other clothes should be thought as if they have a virus on them. They should be removed slowly and ventilated in the open air to prevent them from spreading. If possible, it is better to have outside clothes and shoes and inside ones. In addition, taking a shower is a good choice as the viruses in the droplets can also survive on the hair / scalp.

Start Cleaning For Covid-19

Determine a designated space for bags, shopping items and throw away the plastic bags if possible. Try to not touch anywhere. Clean your hands with water and soap, use alcohol based sprays (70-80° Alcohol) to sanitize shopping item surfaces.

It is better to wash your hands again and use more antibacterial solution on paper towels to wipe down the doorknob, both inside and outside, wipe off the kitchen counters and other surfaces you may have touched after returning home.

How to Make The Indoors Safer from the covid-19?

Do not forget to disinfect most used items: phones, wallet, keys, headphones etc. Researchers have found that commonly used items like smartphones contain more germs than a toilet seat. So, it becomes more important to disinfect your everyday gadgets at least twice or thrice a day.

Decrease socialization

It is wise not to have friends coming in and out of your place. It is well known that even small crowds and family gatherings are now known to cause serious spread of the viral infection. The best thing you can do to make any indoor environment safer is to allow as few people as possible into that environment. If you have visitors, require those who come into your home to wear masks correctly, either surgical masks or n95 masks. Do not forget making a safe distance.

Ventilate Your Home Regularly For Safer Indoors From Covid-19

Open doors and windows as much as possible, especially if you can get a breeze flowing through your home, as fresh, moving air is supposed to be a very effective method of dispersing the virus.

Covid-19 indoors
Covid-19 indoors

Eat healthy, exercise regularly

First of all, we should not forget that our immune system is our biggest shield in corona situation as in all cases. Therefore, a regular and balanced diet (a nutrition program that includes important nutrients such as vitamins, zinc, iron) is very important and we need to make it sustainable. 

Do not neglect your protein intake, stay away from simple carbohydrates and refined sugar. Load up on vegetables and fruits to keep your vitamin stores full. In addition to green leafy vegetables, choose vegetables that are rich in vitamin C, such as pumpkin. Instead of going to gyms, you can exercise at home. These may include yoga, stretching exercises, bodyweight functional or HIIT.

Regular sleep

You should not compromise on your night sleep. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night has a very important role in keeping your immune system strong. If you like to rest during the day, keep these rest short, if half an hour passes, the pattern of your night sleep may be shaken.

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