Computer Games You Can Play At Home During Quarantine Days

One of the best and safe activities that can be done during corona pandemic days is staying at home and playing computer games. I tried to skip popular games such as GTA, Apex Legends, pubg, FIFA etc. I hope I was able to write the list of games that were interesting and you have not played yet.

Here you go the list

The forest 

It is one of the most satisfying survival games that you can enjoy especially if you play with your friends as multiplayer. If you also like building mechanics etc., it is better to have a look. Playing with friends makes the game 3-5 times enjoyable. However, the game needs patience, is suitable for those who engage in mechanics stuff. Therefore, not everyone may likes this game.

The Forest

Quantum Break

Quantum Break is an enjoyable TPS game with interesting mechanics. Movie-like script and cut scenes (showing really half an hour series between game episodes) give an novel experiment. Even though the game repeats itself due to the game mechanics, it provides a pleasant story.

Most of the negative comments about the game are from the early because his debut was technically a bit problematic. With the corrections made over time, it now plays it from start to finish without any problems.

Quantum Break

Tomb Raider Series

It can be said that The game series is similar to the uncharted series in PlayStation. a game like a movie. mechanics are just as successful.

Tomb Raider


First of all, there is a general wrong point of view on this game, let me explain that. I also did not play for this reason for a long time, either. This game is not a “horror” game. Soma was one of the best games I have played in recent years. A game proves itself in that how intriguing and exciting a game can be without the slightest action mechanics. It can be said that Soma is another masterpiece from beginning to end, from script to mechanics, graphics, game atmosphere. After finish the game, you may think that the game is an example of underrated concept.



Dishonored is an stealth / action game played from a first person perspective, with really original mechanics. It also has an interesting open world with its steampunk art direction. You have a number of superpowers and as time passes you try to improve them and complete the missions with different methods. The game was loved by many people, so Arkane Studios released the sequel to the game, dishonered 2. My advice is to start from the first game to understand the story line. Technically speaking, both games are similar.

Dishonered 2

Portal 1-2

Portal series are one of the best examples of puzzle games. The first game can be played single player, while the second game also has a co-op mode and is highly functional.

Portal 1

To the Moon

To the moon is one best example of visual novel genre. The game offers 4-5 hours of incredibly full story content, and an emotional experience activated by your control. Even if you sit with your partner, one of you can play, the other can watch with pleasure. When you finish the game, you may ask yourself “are games an art form?”.

to the moon

Cities Skylines 

If you are familiar with the sim city series, it is a more sterile version in that shortcomings, errors eliminated. Cities Skylines would be one of best city building simulation games. If you like the genre, play the game with no delay.

Cities Skylines 

Two Point Hospital

The is enjoyable hospital management game. Hope you get through these times without falling into the hospital.

Two Point Hospital


If you like platform games and wonder how a platform game would be from fps perspective, the is just for you. It is a successful fps platform game. Valley has very good game mechanics and amazing scenario. The game last offers 5 hours enjoyable time. Each episode never repeats itself and allows you finish the game without being bored.


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