Can fasting shrink the stomach?

Can fasting shrink the stomach? This is what a typical stomach looks like from the inside. Those folds inside increase the surface area to help in digestion.

Stomach doesn’t shrink. It does expand to allow for more food. If there is much food then the folds aren’t needed because there’s an abundance of food.

If there isn’t much food then the folds are needed to help extract as much food as possible by exposing the food to stomach acids and enzymes.

Can fasting shrink the stomach?
Can fasting shrink the stomach

The only way to shrink is to surgically remove a portion of the stomach, otherwise, bands can be placed outside the stomach to reduce its ability to expand.

Nature never intended for it to shrink. Inside can only be reduced by pressure from outside internal organs and other tissues, including atmospheric pressure exerting pressure from all sides externally.

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Can you shrink your stomach through dieting?

Not really. Your stomach, of course, expands accordingly when it’s full of food. In this anatomy charts, you can see pictures of stomachs in expanded condition. Otherwise, the stomach resembles a tube. But the more food you consume, the more it gets stretched out. Similar to blowing up a balloon.

When you cut back on the amount of food you eat, your stomach doesn’t expand as much but the reason you feel so hungry is because your body and hunger regulators in the brain are used to taking in large amounts of food, therefore, you suffer from false hunger. It really has nothing to do with a large, stretched out stomach. After a couple weeks of dieting, your stomach doesn’t really shrink but it’s more like a deflated balloon. What really occurs is that your body and brain eventually adjust to less food and you don’t suffer with intense hunger as you did before. It’s all about conditioning your body and brain.

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