Benedict Cumberbatch Private Life You Can’t Read Everywhere

Benedict Cumberbatch known as for his roles as Sherlock and Doctor Strange, is expected to win the Oscar for best actor in 2022 for his performance in the movie ‘The Power of the Dog’. He has a intersting life moments. Here a list of some.

1) Benedict Cumberbatch survived an armed robbery

It was during the time that Benedict Cumberbatch was in kwazulu-natal city in South Africa in 2005 to film a bbc project.

Benedict Cumberbatch survived  an armed robbery

On a pitch-dark midnight, while Benedict Cumberbatch and his friend were returning to their hotel, car tire burst. As soon as they get out of the car to check in, they are surrounded by a crowded and armed gang. Their debit & credit cards and all money and jewelry are extorted.

However, robbers also wanted to withdraw all money from their bank accounts. Therefore, Cumberbatch and his friends are held captive for 2.5 hours with their hands tied and a gun pointed at their heads, until the gang member who will take action goes to the nearest ATM and returns.

He never forgets the song they listened to on the radio when the tire exploded..

2 ) His father an inspiration to Benedict Cumberbatch career

When little Benedict goes to bed, his actor father Timothy Carlton reads Tolkien’s fantasy work The Hobbit almost every night until he falls asleep. and Timothy voices each character with a different intonation as he reads.

Benedict Cumberbatch and his father

Years later, the most important motivation for Cumberbatch to participate in the auditions for the movie series to which he will contribute with his voice is these typings made by his father when he was a child.

Here Cumberbatch ‘s scene for the Hobbit.

3) Benedict Cumberbatc married to Sophie Hunter and has 3 sons

Benedict Cumberbatch his wife

4) His parents acted on Sherlock

In Sherlock, what we watch as the parents of the famous detective is really the real parents of benedict cumberbatch (Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham).

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