Air Fryer, All About New Miracle Based on Personal Experience

Rising health concerns and surging cooking oil prices create tremendous demand for the new kitchen appliance, air fryer. It basically allows cooking without oil or with very little oil. In this article, based on my personal experince, I’ll go over various topics such as what is this air fryer? How does it work? How to clean? What is the difference between cheap and expensive air fryers? Is Philips air fryer the best?

What is Air fryer?

An air fryer, which is actually a small stove-top oven. But unlike a conventional oven, it is used to cook food without oil or with very little oil, thanks to the strong and even distribution of hot air inside the device. In short, we can call it a hot air fryer.

With air fryers, you can cook many things such as chicken, fish, meat, cake, baked potato, chestnut, and bread; not just french fries and snacks.

You place your food in a deep fryer-like chamber. Thanks to the hot air circulation, the food is prepared very similar to frying. The difference is that it doesn’t require liters of oil like traditional fryers.

I have been using it at least once a day for 3 months. The only thing to watch out for air fryers is the use of electricity. Especially large models consume a lot of energy. Unless you buy an oversized model, it is more advantageous because it cooks in a shorter time compared to the oven.

airfryr & Air Fryer

Although the license and the best technology belong to Philips, it is possible to find air fryer of many different brands in the market.

Pro & Cons of Air Fryer

✅My favorite feature is immediate usage of air fryers that does not need preheating. Some new generation ovens have a turbo mode that shortens the preheating time. However, air fryers make preheating time completely zero. For example, I cooked frozen homemade meatballs directly without defrosting them. They were cooked very well.

✅ You can cook without oil or with a tiny amount of oil. I think this is one of the most important feature of these products. The products also get rid of exessive fat that food inherit.

✅ It is one of the best products for Crisp & Crunchy Food with health bonus.

✅ It very versatile product. You can really cook diverse range of foods.

✅ It is practical and very easy to use.

Airfryers are not magical devices. They have many disadvantages.

❌ Especially large capacity models consume a lot of electricity. If you use these devices all the time, electricity bills can make a big suprise for you.

❌ Even though air fryers parts can be washed in the dishwasher, it still needs to be cleaned by hand, which can be troublesome. You may need an extra effort to clean the foods like meatballs, chicken wings that have considerable fat.

Space also matters. If you don’t have a place to put it in your kitchen, this can be problem. Large-capacity models is heavy and bulky. If you have to constantly relocate them, it is not practical.

Smoke problem should not be missed. Especially fatty foods produce considerable amount of smoke and smells. When I was searching a solution the problem, many addressed the problem as the smoke coming from the leftover grease. This is partially true. Even though you clean the air fryer parts well, the problem still exists.

If you have a poor ventilation in your home or not able to open windows to get fresh air, think twice when buying such product. Air quality can turn to hazardous levels. However, if you have air purifer devices or good ventilation, it would not be problem.

Recipes are another problem for air purifiers. I found many air fryer recepies over internet. I applied them and the recepies does not work. Many of them are not realistic, made for clickbait. So, I bought this book. I can say that so far so good.

What to Consider When Choosing an Air fryer

💡First you should decide on the capacity needed. I definitely recommend the XXL models for families of 4 or more. Families of 2-3 or singles may prefer products with lower capacity. Hence, you save both space and electricity.

💡Cooking with the maximum capacity written on the box does not always give the best results. You should go with the amount less than the maximum capacity which can provide the tastiest results. I usually try to cook 2/3 of the maximum capacity.

💡 In order not to use unnecessary energy, it is important that you do not buy an airfryer that is larger than necessary.

It sad but true that you have to try many times with different potatoes. You will make mistakes. Then, you will discover the best recipe and potatoes.

💡If you want to make cakes, casseroles as well as cook meat dishes or various things, you should not buy basic models. It is better to buy with the necessary accessories, which will be cheaper than buying these accessories later.

Never Do These In Air Fryers ⚠️⚠️⚠️

‼️ Do not operate until the cover is fully seated.

‼️ Do not exceed the maximum capacity

‼️ Do not cook frozen items for regular fryers

‼️ Don’t neglect your cleaning

‼️ Do not fry the potatoes until they are brown. When starchy products turn brown, acrylamide is formed. This substance is carcinogenic in animals and therefore possibly also in humans.

‼️ Do not wipe the non-stick parts, especially the bowl part and the oil-collecting part, with abrasive, hard sponges or wires.

‼️ Do not get too close to anything, especially the rear of the Airfryer. The air coming out of the vents is very hot and can burn or melt objects very close to it. Although I don’t encounter a problem with Philips, some parts of some models can overheat. So be careful.

How to Clean Airfyer

Regular cleaning of Airfyers is very important in terms of both hygiene and taste.

Some parts of some models can be thrown into the dishwasher. For example, this is the model I use.

I must say that extra cleaning by hand is required only for heavy oil residues. There are special cleaning products for airfryers in the Netherlands. But you may not find them in other countries.

Let me tell you an easier and more environmentally friendly method ☘️☘️☘️

The method can not only clean your Airfryer, but also neutralize unpleasant odors.

Cover the bottom of the Airfryer’s oil pan with a piece of aluminum foil and pour a shallow layer of water just a few millimeters above it.

Quarter a lemon and place these pieces on the bottom. Or put a heatproof bowl with lemon juice in the airfryer.

Leave the Air Fryer on for about 10 minutes at 180 degrees. During the 10 minutes, the oil is dissolved and rips into the aluminum foil above the Air Fryer oil pan.

Finally remove the foil and lemon juice or lemons and wipe everything down. Then wipe the Airfryer with a soft dry cloth.

Yes, I hope all these have answered the questions in the minds of everyone who is considering buying and using an airfryer.

Tips for more crispy fries

Put potatoes in 2/3 of the maximum capacity. Shake and mix the potatoes well during cooking. As a result, you not only cook more evenly, but you also give excessive moisture a chance to escape.

So the potatoes are less moist. If it’s not as crispy as you want, cook for an additional minute. In my experience, I get crispier results when I cook it 2 minutes longer than the recommended time on the pack.

If you are going to make your own from fresh potatoes, do not make the slices too thick. Run an olive or sunflower oil on them with a brush. In the meantime, you can boil the potatoes first, cool them, dry them and then put them in the airfryer. I didn’t try but there are those who say that it is very beautiful.

Don’t buy the french fries for the deep fryer. Get the ones for the oven if you can find them, or make fresh potatoes yourself. There is an extra layer other than the ones for the oven which has extra salt and sugar. So it means that more calories.

What else to do in Airfyer

Cake and pastry, grilled fish, vegetables, meat and chicken, lasagna, kumpir, grispy bread…

Stale bread is also good when warmed in the airfryer for a few minutes.

You can dry some fruits and vegetables as well as nuts such as toasted nuts or peanuts. However, you need the right accessories like the grill or baking tray or the splash cover.

Airfryer Prices

First of all, it’s good to know that Prices are higher than normal fryers. But you have a versatile product that save liters of oil while you can make good fries, baking, grilling. In my opinion, with such features, these devices are extremely worth their money.

There is a wide price range. The higher the price, the higher the flavor of the fries. In addition, the variety of accessories affect the price level too.

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Air Fryer, All About New Miracle Based on Personal Experience
Article Name
Air Fryer, All About New Miracle Based on Personal Experience
Rising health concerns and surging cooking oil prices create tremendous demand for the new kitchen appliance, air fryer. It basically allows cooking without oil or with very little oil. In this article, based on my personal experince, I'll go over various topics