Xiaomi air purifier 4 pro and pro h; which is better(2022)?

Xiaomi has shown tremendous progress in air purifier niche. Every year, a new product is added to their portfolio. Due to the many models, consumers may not decide which model they should buy. Hence, Xiaomi air purifier 4 pro and pro h models also is one of the most searched comparisons.

Xiaomi air purifier 4 pro vs pro h updated
xiaomi pro h vs 4 pro

1) Xiaomi air purifier pro h is better in terms of coverage and CADR

While Xiaomi air purifier pro h has an effective coverage area 72 ㎡, xiaomi air purifier 4 pro cover an area of 35-60㎡. Xiaomi air purifier pro h also produce greater circulation and purification option. The CADR (Particle’s Clean Air Delivery Rate) value of pro h is up to 600m³. This is 500m³/h in Xiaomi air purifier 4 pro which is able to release 8330L* of clean air per minute.

2) Both models are powerful in filter efficiency. But Xiaomi air purifier 4 pro promises more feature

Pro H filter

Air purifier pro H filter eliminates formaldehyde,bacteria, viruses, PM2.5 and allergens. Pro H filter is made from highly efficient material. It filters out 99.97% of 0.3 um PM. The device promises to remove H1N1 viruses of 99.99%.

The inner layer is made from a column of high-quality catalytic activated carbon. Hence it powerfully absorbs harmful gases such as formaldehyde and toluene. The purifier also remove odors, offering long-term purification without producing unpleasant smells.

xiaomi smart air purifier 4 pro vs pro h

Air purifier pro H is also effective (CADR for 674.1 m3/h) pollen against materials that are common in flu and pollen seasons. Lots of things can be found hidden in the air. Suspended bacteria and viruses are primary concern. In addition mould from damp corners, hair and dander shed by pets are important. Allergens and germs during the flu season should not be forgotten. The Pro H uses a high-efficiency filter material to effectively remove harmful substances.

Air Purifier 4 Pro Filter

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro has PM2.5/PM10 dual-effect laser sensor. It provides comprehensive monitoring of air-quality changes for more targeted, efficient purification. PM2,5-PM10 sensors detect particles such as pollen, ash, spores, pet dander and plant epidermis. PM2,5 provides small inhalable pollutants, such as invisible particles in smoke etc.

Similar to pro H, Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro also eliminates 99.97% of 0.3μm particles.

Three-in-one filtration for high-efficiency purificationThe Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro features a three-in-one filter, including a primary filter, the Xiaomi’s High Efficiency Filter and a high-quality activated carbon filter, which work together to purify your air and keep you healthy

purifier filter freatures
mi air purifier pro h vs 4 pro

Aside from bacteria, viruses and harmful particles, Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro have more capability of removing unwanted odour. Activated carbon has a high adsorption rate. It is able to eliminate pet odours, cooking fumes, VOC, other disturbing odours.

3) Both models offers high filter duration. Pro H models have more lasting filter

Air purifier 4 pro has large-area high-efficiency filter and large volume high-quality activated carbon. It can last 6-12 months. Xiaomi air purifier pro H offers filter can be used for up to 14 months.

4) Mi Air Purifier 4 Pro is quiter

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro offer low-noise 33.7 dB(A) in night mode. Pro H model have 34.1 dB(A) noise level. Both models can be accepted as “quiet” for sleep and night mode.

5) Xiaomi air purifier 4 pro comes with a new feature, the inside out cleaning for the device

Xiaomi air purifier 4 pro and pro H models also differ form each other in cleaning the device. The Air purifier 4 pro model has removable top grille. That is not available for previous models. Removing the grille is important for easy access to the fan blades and air ducts. It helps cleaning the inside of your purifier to prevent secondary pollution. However, both models easy open and close magnetic-door design to change HEPA filter.

Xiaomi air purifier 4 pro air flow system
air purifier pro vs pro h

6) In terms of power consumption, 4 pro is saver.

While air purifier pro H‘s rated power is 70W, air purifier 4 pro is measured as 50W.

7) Air purifier pro H model occupy more space

While pro H models have 310x310x738mm dimensions, air purifier 4 pro models are smaller with 275×275×680 mm dimensions.

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