Has a celebrity feud ever lead to a physical altercation?

Many wonder whether a celebrity feud ever led to a physical altercation. Eventhough it is expected rare, a celebrity feud can follow serious conflicts.

1. Orlando Bloom discovered his soon to be ex-wife and Justin Bieber we’re sexting.

Bloom started dating Bieber’s ex, Selena Gomez. This did not sit well with Bieber.

Then, Bieber posts a sexy photo of Miranda Kerr, Bloom’s ex, on Instagram.

The B & B Boys’ paths crossed at Cipriani’s in the Spanish party town, Ibiza.

Bloom refused to shake Bieber’s hand. Bieber allegedly said, “Miranda was a good f—k.”

——Fighting Words——Quien es mas macho?——Bloom took a couple of swings at Bieber.

They were separated. Bieber stayed awhile longer and then headed for the exit.

2. Drake and Chris Brown

a celebrity feud

The two got into a fight at a bar back in 2012.

The bar was trashed and Brown’s chin was injured

3. Celebrity feud between Nicki Minaj & Cardi B.

To be fair, this wasn’t as much as a feud as it was more of just a couple situations that built up to a boiling point.

It started in 2018 with the release of “Motorsport” a song by Migos (a group made up of rappers Future, Quavo, & Offset (who is now Cardi B’s husband)). The song featured a verse from both Cardi & Nicki. At the time, this was huge because Nicki was the biggest female rapper and Cardi was quickly gaining popularity and so the two collaborating was seen as a way of Cardi essentially “getting Nicki’s approval” in the rap game.

But the issue was, Nicki didn’t know this. Nicki thought the verse she was sending in, was just for a song with Quavo (whom she was romantically linked with at the time). She did not realize Cardi, Offset, or Future, hence why Nicki’s music video appearance is phoned-in.

There had been controversy in the past with Nicki name dropping Offset in the song “Swish Swish” by Katy Perry (a diss-track on Taylor Swift), but Nicki & Cardi had showed love to each other on social media and it was seen as everything being ok.

Jump to after the release of “Motorsport” and an interviewer asks Cardi about what it was like with Nicki on the song. Cardi says that when Nicki first sent in her verse it was different than what the public heard. Originally the verse was not supposed to say “If Quavo the QB, I’m Nick Lombardi“. However; the line originally said Cardi’s name instead of Quavo’s essentially saying if Cardi is this up and coming star, Nicki is above her still but being the “coach of the team”. Cardi’s record label did NOT like this and asked Nicki to change it, which she did. There was also a part where Nicki sings in the original verse but Quavo had her remove it.

Nicki took Cardi’s comment personally and was seen in numerous interviews talking about it, and even crying about it. But later that year, Nicki & a heavily pregnant Cardi both attended the 2018 Met Gala and had a “pleasant conversation” and took friendly pictures together.

But towards the end of 2018, after Cardi had given birth to her first child, daughter Kulture, it all came crashing down.

Someone on Instagram apparently photoshopped Nicki liking posts on Instagram and Twitter that were saying Cardi was an unfit mother and could not care for her child.

So at a Harpers Bazaar Fashion Week party, Cardi saw Nicki and started screaming at her saying “talk about my child again” and things like that. Cardi even threw one of her shoes and ended up with a knot on her forehead after someone on Nicki’s team struck her to keep her away from Nicki.

Nicki went on more and more to talk bad about Cardi, while Cardi, realizing she was wrong I assume, remained relatively quiet. The two did diss each other in music a bit. Nicki’s song “LLC” is heavily believed to be about Cardi.

Many wonder whether a celebrity feud ever led to a physical altercation. Eventhough it is expected rare, a celebrity feud can follow serious conflicts.
celebrity feud between Nicci and Cardi

3 years later, Cardi and Nicki have remained peaceful towards each other, with both rappers telling their fans to stop fighting each other and keeping the beef alive. Cardi even gave props to Nicki in an interview when discussing the female rap game.

Cardi seems to have tried to start focusing on her family and just having fun with life more than drama or controversy, while Nicki has done the opposite.

With Nicki recently attacking Leigh-Anne Pinnock from Little Mix over fake screenshots, it’s kind of funny that Nicki would be all like “oh I can’t believe Cardi B would believe photoshopped pictures” and then turns around and does the same.

But that’s neither here nor there.

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