10 Unbreakable Female World Records in Athletics

There are several female world records in athletics, which have not been broken yet. Over nearly 30 years, no women athletes coul not pass the current female world records. Here you go the list:

1988 Seoul Olympics Female 4×400 Meter Relay Race

In the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Soviet Union flag team achieved “3.15.17” world record at 4×400 meter relay race. The record has not been broken for 31 years. The team composed of Tatyana Ledovskaya, Olga Nazarova, Mariya Pinigina, Olga Bryzgina

Mariya Pinigina Olga Bryzgina

1987 Rome World Championships in Female High Jump

During the 1987 World Championships in Athletics in Rome, Bulgarian Stefka Kostadinova reached “2.09” in women’s high jump. The record has not been achieved for 33 years.

Stefka Kostadinova

Moscow, Russia, female shot put in 1987

The world record of 22.63 in women’s shot put, which was set by Natalia Lisovskaya from the soviet union in 1987, has not been broken for 33 years.

Natalia Lisovskaya

In 1988 Italy Tournament Discus Throwing

Gabriele Reinsch from Eastern Germany in 1988 attained the world record of 76.80 in women’s discus throwing. Her record ha not beaten for 32 years.

Gabriele Reinsch

1988 Leningrand Long Jump Women

The world record of 7.52, which was set by Galina Chistyakova from Soviet Union in the women’s long jump in 1988, has not been broken for 32 years.

Galina Chistyakova

In 1995 IAAF World Championships in Gothenburg – Women’s triple jump

The world record of 15.50 in women’s triple jump, which was set by the Ukrainian Inessa Kravets in 1995, has not been broken for 25 years.

Inessa Kravets

1988 Seoul Olympics Heptathlon

In the women’s heptathlon, the world record of 7.291 points by Jackie Joyner Kersee from The United States at the 1988 Seoul Olympics has not been broken for 32 years.

Jackie Joyner Kersee

1988 Seoul Olympic Games -100 metres sprint for women

The world record of 10.49, achieved by Florida Griffith Joyner from the United States in the women’s 100 meters branch in 1988, has not been reached for 32 years. In the same year, she reached also a new record in the women’s 200m with 21.34, which has not been beaten since 1988

Florida Griffith Joyner

1985 The 400m female run

The current record of women’s 400 meter was broken by Marita Koch from East Germany with 47,60. Marita Koch’s timing has not been reached for 35 years.

Marita Koch

1983 Women’s 800-meter run

The world record of 1.53.28 in women’s 800-meter branch , which was broken in 1983 by Czech Jarmila Kratochvilova, has not been broken for 37 years.

Jarmila Kratochvilova

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